We tell stories,
with new technology

Why we tell stories

S1T2 was founded through a mission to tell great stories.

We believe everyone loves story, and we want to discover new ways of telling them to enrich how we all experience them. These discoveries have always come from a tradition of brave technical achievement and it is in this pioneering spirit that we playfully explore.

Our approach to storytelling has led us to become an internationally recognised company renown for our commitment to doing things differently.

That’s why S1T2 stands for Story 1st, Technology 2nd.

Nameless stands alone in a forest clearing, lantern held aloft.

Who we tell them with

This belief has driven us to work with some of the world’s most famous organisations posing creative endeavours and complex challenges. We relish every opportunity and work hard to instil each other with the courage to do things we’re proud of.

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Nameless and a diverse group of characters share stories.

Where we play

The team is currently working across a breadth of technologies including interactive experiences in live and digital environments, virtual and augmented realities, real-time visualisations and performances, web applications, games, public installations and more.

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