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Chloe Uy, former Digital Marketing Manager at creative technology agency S1T2.

Chloe Uy

Marketing Manager

Chloe is primarily in charge of developing and implementing the content strategy at S1T2. She believes that stories are capable of captivating people, and everyone has one to tell.

Rooted in that belief, she helps us tell meaningful stories based on insights, experiences, and trends that influence and educate the community through the lens of our culture.

Her executions are strongly centered on digital mediums – from the blogs to social media to video to external online media sites. Paired with optimisation and traffic monitoring, she draws as many eyeballs shifting attention to S1T2 as possible.  

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Articles written by Chloe Uy

  1. A Recap of Vivid Ideas’ Storytelling in a Virtual World

    User exploring virtual reality world with a sword.
    Vivid Ideas’ sold-out Storytelling in a Virtual World gave attendees a crash course in understanding virtual reality better to create valuable content and achieve success. Industry pioneers Chris Panzetta, Norman Wang, Mariana Acuna Acosta, and Dr. John McGhee gave condensed keynotes followed by a Q&A session.
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  2. A Recap of Our First Exhibition, Fables From The Threshold

    Participant playing on interactive floor technology.
    Fables From The Threshold (‘Fables’) is an exhibition we held in April at The Mechanic, Redfern. Where Australia’s best digital creatives came together to put on an immersive showcase of artworks from interactive environments using Kinect to brainwave-tracking and feedback loops to virtual reality to augmented reality.
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  3. How to Make a Live Action Virtual Reality Experience

    Creative Agency Team with Virtual Reality Equipment.
    Overview In August 2015 at the heart of Sydney in Pitt Street Mall, we had the pleasure of launching HSBC’s Wallabies All Access, the first virtual reality experience in Australian sport. Working with hot and fresh technology meant we had to work out a lot of processes and kinks,  but it also gave us the exciting responsibility of giving audiences (most likely) their first taste of virtual reality.
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  4. eBay Innovation Lab Shows the Future of Retail

    eBay Innovation participants using Creative Technology.
    eBay continues projecting itself as an innovation frontrunner with eBay Innovation Lab. For three days at Darling Harbour, Sydneysiders had the chance to experience and explore emerging technology whilst eBay gathered valuable data to predict retail trends of the future, showcased products included hologram generators, 3D printers, drones, and virtual reality headsets.
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  5. Energizer’s Power Up Your Christmas and Win!

    Girl playing on Real Time Interactive Floor.
    Power your Christmas with a little extra cash from Energizer EcoAdvanced Batteries at selected Westfields across Australia.
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  6. Introducing My Vodafone with Animations

    Vodafone Smartphone Animation App.
    The My Vodafone TVC combines live footage with an animation overlay to explain Vodafone’s new app for smartphones. The objective was to encourage and familiarise the customers with the smartphone app.
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  7. We Help NBN Debunk Myths with Animated Videos

    NBN Creative Animation of two kids riding rocket.
    A lot of chatter comes with high investment government projects, such as the National Broadband Network (“NBN”), the $38 billion project under the public eye’s scrutiny.
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  8. The Science and Formula Behind Content and Storytelling

    Creative Animation of Typewriter.
    In the age of bombarding and disruption, our new reality is accessing our target market through Permission Marketing as Seth Godin calls it – providing content that people actually want rather than spamming them with unsolicited information.
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