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David Grouse

Real-Time Developer

Designing his own games on paper as a six year old, David has always chased his creativity. Getting a head start in real-time with modding communities, he developed a love of learning and innovation. As a real-time developer at S1T2, he is driven by a desire to unlock the potential of digital art in new technologies. With a particular focus on interactive game mechanics, David is an expert at using his skills to create experiences that help audiences continually develop and improve.

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Articles written by David Grouse

  1. How to Get Transparency and Opaque Refraction in AR

    While prototyping the looks of fluid and glass surfaces for Nespresso AR, we found we needed a solution for good looking transparency and refraction in AR on OpenGL 3.1. To get that solution, I came up with a really simple technique for simulating refraction at very little GPU cost. It works by using the AR camera image and altering it’s UVs to simulate a refracted image through an object.
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  2. Optimised Local Post-Processing FX in Unreal Engine

    I have something important to share with technical artists, the real-time community and anyone in the constant battle for more frames per second. In this blog, I’ll let you in on a pretty neat method I developed for optimising localised post-processing FX, afterwards I also have a little bonus treat at the end.
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