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Eve Burchfield, former Lead Designer at creative technology agency S1T2.

Eve Burchfield

Digital Designer

Eve is passionate about visual design and its impact on human engagement. She believes good design follows key principles, capable of affecting people through an endless number of platforms.

As lead designer, she’s responsible for managing project deliveries, coordinating design staff, and conceptualising visual direction across projects. Her work has been showcased through an array of technologies that have resulted in very successful campaigns.

In her spare time she enjoys riding motorbikes to either Bronte or Shelly beach and taking camping trips out of Sydney.

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Articles written by Eve Burchfield

  1. Lessons From Semi-Permanent 2016

    Semi Permanent this year placed a lot of emphasis on time – respecting the past and anticipating future. Obviously, as each larger panel was aptly named: “The Future of Tech, of State, of Travel”, but the other talks I enjoyed referenced a similar focus or presented stories of the self-wrestling creative. Overall, these sessions taught me a thing or two but also prodded me to think a bit deeper about the concepts presented.
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  2. AECOM’s Reconnected City: A Game Based on Real Data

    Animated Map of Creative City.
    Reconnected City is a data-based game that I designed for AECOM’s Vivid Ideas Event called Reconnecting Sydney. The game was created from;real data from real cities, seven years worth acquired from AECOM’s SSIM model. The goal was to use it as a tool to visualise, predict, and plan the future of cities with a heavy emphasis on transportation. Event attendees primarily comprised of city architects, transportation planners, and government officials.
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  3. Website Still Not Responsive? You’re Getting Left Behind!

    Website content water animation.
    In Australia, traffic originating from mobile devices is rising exponentially each day. 40% of all online traffic is found on mobile and tablet devices, making it more important than ever to ensure your business is visible across these devices.
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