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Jack Condon

Real-Time Developer

With extensive experience in new media and fine art, Jack was one of the first developers to create virtual reality content for Epic Games’ closed marketspace. He graduated from the University of New South Wales, where he achieved the Dean’s Award for Fine Arts (Honours), and followed this with an individual award as Finalist for Qantas Spirit of Youth in 2012. His career has since allowed him to work on a number of real-time and virtual reality platforms, and his JCInventory application which utilised the Unreal Engine continues to be one of the most popular and commercially successful 3D inventory systems available on the marketplace to date.

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Articles written by Jack Condon

  1. Anti-Game Review: A Motion Capture Virtual Reality Experience

    Creative Virtual Reality Maze Anti-Game.
    Anti-Game is an experimental art project designed by Liam Stephens and myself for Fables from The Threshold. We used the OptiTrack motion capture system and the Oculus DK2 to explore ideas of presence inside of a virtual environment.
    in By