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Jananthan Kandasamy, Director of Business at creative technology agency S1T2.

Jananthan Kandasamy

Director of Business

Jananthan is the Director of Business Development at S1T2, his notable experience as News and Sports Product Manager at Vodafone has honed his skills in end-to-end product lifecycle management, product business casing, pricing propositions, commercial negotiations, and client service management.

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Articles written by Jananthan Kandasamy

  1. The Digital Agency Pitch You’ve Been Waiting For

    Corporate man holding hand for handshake.
    “No” is not a word you’ll hear from many start-ups. When you’re just starting out, especially as a digital agency, you simply don’t have the luxury of being able to turn down work. If you don’t know how to do it, you have to learn fast and get it done! However, with time and experience, your business naturally begins to develop core skill sets, and your team enjoys doing some things more than others.
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  2. Movin’ Over: Corporate vs. Agency Life

    Stacked office equipment.
    Ever since I jumped the fence to agency’s side, I often get asked: “What’s better? Corporate or agency life? Do you regret moving?” Two words, my answer is: “No regrets”.
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