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Naimul Khaled, former Chief Technical Officer at creative technology agency S1T2.

Naimul Khaled


With a background in software engineering, Naimul is tasked with the primary role of conceptualising, creating and implementing complex digital systems. His passion for cutting−edge technology has led him to work on a number of innovations in the field of experiential marketing. Today Naimul champions the open source ideology and boasts a plethora of experience in a wide array of programming languages and paradigms. He has made it a goal to remain at the forefront of the world of emerging technologies and find new and exciting ways to implement them.

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Articles written by Naimul Khaled

  1. Univariate Linear Regression

    In my first attempt at a how-to guide, I delve into linear regression – a tried and tested method of predictive analysis. It’s a light weight method with a fast implementation time; making it ideal to use as a benchmark for more complex learning algorithms. The analysis is univariate – single input to prediction. Scenarios like this aren’t very realistic but they make it easy to graphically visualise the process. The steps followed in this guide form the backbone, and starting point, of a machine learning pipeline.
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