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Nic Ferrar

Real-Time Developer

Nic began his journey into development in high-school, making modded maps in Unreal Tournament 2004 for LAN parties. Next up he spent 5 years in regional NSW studying Animation and Visual Effects, before returning to Sydney and learning programming in his spare time. Skip forward to the present and Nic now works as a real-time developer at S1T2 and co-runs the Unreal Engine Sydney meetup group. Nic’s approach to development is tools-based; he takes great pleasure in holding to the D.R.Y principle across multiple projects and indeed his entire career. In his downtime, Nic works on his own projects, plays TTRPGs, and does his best to become one with his mattress.

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Articles written by Nic Ferrar

  1. A Not-So-Brief Intro to K2Nodes

    For the past three weeks I have been, on and off, dipping my toes into the confusing world of Slate and K2Nodes. The goal was to simply learn more about the lower levels of the Engine, however, me being me, I needed a more concrete goal to work towards to maintain motivation and focus.
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