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Nicky Tunpitcha

Lead Animator

Nicky specialises in incorporating 2D animation into motion productions and experiential marketing. Her accomplishments include a piece called “Lick” screened at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), a full system set-up (360 stitching and post production) of the HSBC Wallabies All Access Virtual Reality Experience, and producing a TVC for Vodafone. Her inquisitive nature led to the self-teaching of 3D animation, motion graphics, and video editing. Her latest undertaking includes bringing animations into game design through engines like Unreal and Unity. In her spare time, she obsessively fawns over title sequences, the use of colour in animations, and animation transitions.

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Articles written by Nicky Tunpitcha
How to Make a 3D Hologram


How to Make a 3D Hologram

At S1T2 we’re always sharing new technologies and designs with each other to help and inspire our work. Sometimes, this leads to personal projects and R&D at work. Even though… CONTINUE READING

How to Make 360 Video for Virtual Reality

Motion , Virtual Reality

How to Make 360 Video for Virtual Reality

360-degree spherical video has always been something that intrigued me, and last year, I was encouraged to start experimenting in light of virtual reality. Training scene from Wallabies All Access… CONTINUE READING

A Love Affair with Title Sequences Leads to Creativity


A Love Affair with Title Sequences Leads to Creativity

Whenever I watch a movie, I’d make sure that by the time the title was being shown I’d comfortably be in my seat because I’d be staying until the end… CONTINUE READING