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The team at creative technology agency S1T2.


We are a team of adventurous explorers bound by a mission to create stories. From designers to developers, engineers to artists, we use our cognitive and cultural diversity to bring something special to conversations.

We are believers in technology as a means to enrich stories, and we use this belief to solve big challenges. At times this ambition may lead to discomfort, but this is only felt in earnest as your problem is ours to share.

Above all, we love to play, experiment and inspire – to use our hearts and hands to create experiences that are more magical than anything we’ve ever seen before.

Because we never want to forget why, and always want to remember the humanity in everything we do.

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Articles written by S1T2

  1. Immersive Storytelling in Virtual Reality: A Breakdown of Beyond the Stars VR

    Fijian child experiences Beyond the Stars VR in a classroom in Viti Levu, Fiji.
    Hey guys, my name is Stephen O’Callaghan and I’m an Art Director here at S1T2. This is my first ever blog post, so I hope it will be informative and give you an insight into some of the things we do in the real-time team at S1T2.
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  2. Vote Now: The Hugging Forest

    The Hugging Forest concept image for NSW Government My Community Project.
    Sometimes, a warm embrace is all you need to feel loved.
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  3. Complex Tech on a Light Device: Learnings from Nespresso AR

    Tablet showing Nespresso AR augmented reality experience.
    Experimentation and iteration are always a big part of our process when it comes to working with new tech. This was especially true when we stepped back into the realm of augmented reality with Nespresso AR. For this project, we had to do a lot of R&D and testing to discover the possibilities of both the software and the hardware, and how these elements could integrate with one another.
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  4. Pushing the Limits of Mobile AR with Nespresso

    We recently made our latest foray into mobile augmented reality with Nespresso AR. The brief was to find an innovative way to introduce and reinforce key messages at their 2019 staff training events through augmented reality. The result was three 10-15 second AR experiences using coffee-inspired animations to explore the story of Nespresso’s new Vertuo coffee pods at events across Australia.
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  5. Beyond the Stars VR and Mobile Now Available for Download

    S1T2 team works behind the scenes on Beyond the Stars.
    Legend has it that once, long ago, magical guardians lived in the Pacific Islands. Since they’ve left, the people and the land have become sick. But hope is not lost. One day, a brave young hero may rediscover the guardians’ secrets. Could that hero be you?
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  6. Storytelling Across Islands: An Interview with Arieta (Part 2)

    Fijian-inspired patterns on blog feature image.
    When Tash from S1T2 first shared the idea of Beyond the Stars with me, I was equally excited and sceptical. Not of Tash, but of the idea itself. Would it work? What made this idea different to others that had tried to tackle the issue of non communicable diseases in the Pacific? – Arieta Rika
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  7. From desk to dining table

    A Fijian student looks through a Beyond the Stars storybook in her classroom.
    How a Year 4 student influenced her family’s entire approach to food.
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  8. “Attention please”

    A teacher and group of students mark Beyond the Stars worksheets in a Fijian classroom.
    How story and technology inspired new eating habits for a Fijian classroom.
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