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The team at creative technology agency S1T2.


We are a team of adventurous explorers bound by a mission to create stories. From designers to developers, engineers to artists, we use our cognitive and cultural diversity to bring something special to conversations.

We are believers in technology as a means to enrich stories, and we use this belief to solve big challenges. At times this ambition may lead to discomfort, but this is only felt in earnest as your problem is ours to share.

Above all, we love to play, experiment and inspire – to use our hearts and hands to create experiences that are more magical than anything we’ve ever seen before.

Because we never want to forget why, and always want to remember the humanity in everything we do.

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Articles written by S1T2

  1. Storytelling Across Islands: An Interview with Arieta (Part 2)

    Fijian-inspired patterns on blog feature image.
    When Tash from S1T2 first shared the idea of Beyond the Stars with me, I was equally excited and sceptical. Not of Tash, but of the idea itself. Would it work? What made this idea different to others that had tried to tackle the issue of non communicable diseases in the Pacific? – Arieta Rika
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  2. From desk to dining table

    A Fijian student looks through a Beyond the Stars storybook in her classroom.
    How a Year 4 student influenced her family’s entire approach to food.
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  3. “Attention please”

    A teacher and group of students mark Beyond the Stars worksheets in a Fijian classroom.
    How story and technology inspired new eating habits for a Fijian classroom.
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  4. An end to fruit and vegetable protests

    Fijian children who participated in the Beyond the Stars pilot eat lunch in their classroom.
    How an innovative education program helped bring health and harmony to a household.
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  5. Storytelling Across Islands: An Interview with Arieta

    Fijian-inspired patterns on blog feature image.
    Throughout the creation of Beyond the Stars (BTS), it was imperative that we gave Pacific Island artists and storytellers an opportunity to offer feedback on any and all of the work the team was putting together. Our goal was to encourage direct involvement and open collaboration with the people that knew Pacific Island culture best.
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  6. Beyond the Stars: A World-First Health Education Program

    Beyond The Stars Health Education Program in the Pacific Islands.
    The Pacific is a beautiful region with a dangerous future. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, obesity and heart disease are the single largest cause of death in the region. Often caused by preventable factors such as diet and activity, NCDs account for over 70% of deaths across the Pacific.
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  7. The Most Important Part of Your Website is Probably the Most Boring

    Feature image for Sakura Rimal’s blog on website.
    Forms. They don’t exactly inspire excitement. In fact, the general experience most people have with forms is that they’re arduous, annoying and inconvenient. A bit like standing in a long queue with no choice but to put up with it. The difference is that, for customers looking at a form on your website, there’s nothing stopping them from simply closing the tab.
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  8. Crafting Interactive and Immersive Audio in VR

    Screenshot of the guardians from the end of S1T2’s Beyond the Stars virtual reality experience.
    Over the past two years, we’ve been developing one of our biggest projects to date: Beyond the Stars (BTS). BTS is a multi-platform educational program bringing together film, virtual reality (VR), storybooks and mobile games with the goal of inspiring children to adopt healthy eating habits.
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