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The team at creative technology agency S1T2.


We are a team of adventurous explorers bound by a mission to create stories. From designers to developers, engineers to artists, we use our cognitive and cultural diversity to bring something special to conversations.

We are believers in technology as a means to enrich stories, and we use this belief to solve big challenges. At times this ambition may lead to discomfort, but this is only felt in earnest as your problem is ours to share.

Above all, we love to play, experiment and inspire – to use our hearts and hands to create experiences that are more magical than anything we’ve ever seen before.

Because we never want to forget why, and always want to remember the humanity in everything we do.

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Articles written by S1T2

  1. S1T2 is Looking for a Mid-Senior Unreal Developer

    Another day, another project that needs the help of a talented Unreal Engine developer. This time around we’re looking for a Mid or Senior game dev to join the team.
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  2. S1T2 x WFH: How we’re making working from home work for us

    Pink outline of house icon on black background.
    Like many companies around the world at the moment, S1T2 has been working from home for a month or so now. For us, this was more of a shift than a change. We’re still doing what we’ve always done, just with a little extra distance.
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  3. Augmented Spaces: How Technology is Enhancing Art Galleries

    Virtual reality headsets, projectors, Nintendo consoles and smartphones are now being used in art galleries.
    With just weeks left to see our interactive touch wall and circular yokai projection at the Art Gallery of NSW, artist Inge looks at how technology is changing the way we interact with art in the gallery.
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  4. Interactive Touch Wall Brings Historic Masterpiece to Life for Japan Supernatural

    Woman looks at animated yokai on the interactive touch wall created by S1T2 for the Japan Supernatural exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.
    For hundreds of years, Japanese art and storytelling has been captivated by yōkai – supernatural monsters, demons and extraordinary household objects. In Hiroharu Itaya’s narrative handscroll ‘Night procession of the hundred demons (Hyakki Yagyô)’, these spirits come to life in a fantastic parade of mirth and mayhem, wreaking havoc on the human world.
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  5. A Digital Twist on Traditional Art at #JapanSupernatural

    This month, we’ve launched two new artworks with the Art Gallery of NSW as part of their summer exhibition, Japan Supernatural. The show brings you face-to-face with a vibrant array of phenomenal beings – ghosts, goblins and other extraordinary monsters – from the rich spiritual world of Japanese folklore. 
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  6. Creative Collaborator: Emily Mirla Harrison

    Musical compositions are an oft-forgotten art that plays a significant role during storytelling. Without the right composition, audiences can feel disconnected from the intended message. With it, the tone, mood and emotions are amplified through a beautiful crescendo of visuals and sound.
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  7. S1T2 a Finalist in the Premier’s NSW Export Awards

    Premier's NSW Export Awards Shortlist Banner.
    Over the past few years, the team here at S1T2 has been working on an increasingly global scale, expanding our horizons from Australia to the Pacific Islands, China and the USA. As we push towards more international work, we’re proud to have been recognised as a finalist in the Creative Industries category of the Premier’s NSW Export Awards this year.
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  8. Immersive Storytelling in Virtual Reality: A Breakdown of Beyond the Stars VR

    Fijian child experiences Beyond the Stars VR in a classroom in Viti Levu, Fiji.
    Hey guys, my name is Stephen O’Callaghan and I’m an Art Director here at S1T2. This is my first ever blog post, so I hope it will be informative and give you an insight into some of the things we do in the real-time team at S1T2.
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