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Tash Tan, Head of Digital at creative technology agency S1T2.

Tash Tan


A founding partner of S1T2, Tash has driven the successful ideation and execution of a number of innovative programs and campaigns utilising a variety of technologies including virtual reality, interactive installations and tangential learning tools. Tash’s work has seen him consult for organisations of all shapes and sizes such as the World Bank Group, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Macquarie University, NSW Health, Westpac, UNICEF and Qantas. His goal is to use the affordances of immersive and interactive technology to inspire positive outcomes and impact across some of the most complex challenges facing humankind.

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Articles written by Tash Tan

  1. The problem affecting ⅓ children that nobody knows

    Fijian child in UNICEF Draw the Line TVC.
    What if I told you the next 1,000 days of your life would decide your destiny?
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  2. Making a 360° Virtual Reality Experience on Climate Change for COP23

    Behind the scenes for COP23 virtual reality in Fiji - Small.
    A couple months ago we were asked to work on a World Bank project in collaboration with the Fijian Government that tackled climate change. Having recently discovered my own personal passion for the topic, and with the United Nations’ 23rd annual session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 23) coming up, it was the perfect time to highlight climate vulnerability using a uniquely inspiring technology and a film titled ‘Our Home, Our People’.
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  3. Fixing Malnutrition One Bite at a Time

    Corporates Using Creative Virtual Reality Goggles for Launch Food.
    A government official, an academic and an artist walk into the room… Sounds like the start of a bad joke right? In this case, I can assure you, it is far from it. Recently, Chris and I were invited to participate in a private hack hosted by LAUNCH and SecondMuse in partnership with the Australia Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
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  4. Virtual Reality Makes its Comeback, is Augmented Reality Tomorrow?

    Creative animation for visual and augmented reality.
    It’s hard to imagine right now, but one day augmented reality (‘AR’) could be more important to us than virtual reality (‘VR’). In between Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift for $2bn, and announcements by other major companies such as Valve, Samsung and Sony to invest in VR, it is worthwhile sparing some thought for the much less talked about AR, which may well have a bigger impact on our everyday lives in the future.
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  5. A Case Study on Social Amplification

    Corporate office equipment and letter.
    These days there is only one type of viral for brands, and that is paid. This is not because creative is dead, but rather social platforms like Facebook have realised they can charge for reach. According to Jon Loomer, your Facebook page reach today is only:
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  6. Lessons in Design from James Turrell

    Skyspace Cover Creative Design Landscape.
    We live in a material world; the objects we use, the technology we embrace and the physics that govern our universe – these are some of the fundamental properties by which we interact and understand reality. If the design of yesterday was based on flat simplicity, the visual language of tomorrow is being driven by a new material style of design that references the world. This style, material design, is the future of web because it addresses the shortcomings of flat design and over-detail of skeuomorphism.
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  7. A Conversation About Culture

    People Sitting on boardwalk.
    I’m in a very contemplative mood. In between watching Interstellar for the 3rd time, checking out YouTube videos of Slavoj Zizek and reflecting on the politics surrounding Snowden and Assange, I read a little book called ‘How Google Works‘. This book as you may have heard, was written by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg to cover their learnings as they helped build Google. One chapter in particular – the chapter on culture – resonated very strongly with me, as this was something that we continue to question about our own agency, S1T2.
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  8. A Mortgage Broking Website That’s Finally Different

    Corporate team sitting in Creative Technology Agency.
    Home loans have been around for longer than my lifetime. It is an industry governed by the safety and security of family doctrine; buy a home and your future is safe. Operating on this presumption the industry hasn’t exactly changed with time, it hasn’t needed to, and this is reflected in the quality of work being output – conventional, safe and unchallenging.
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