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  1. Innovation for Impact: Results from Beyond the Stars

    Two Fijian children play Beyond the Stars mobile game on a smartphone during school.
    Every year, more than 36 million people die worldwide due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. While the problem is global, in the Pacific Islands it is more pronounced, with over 70% of all deaths caused by NCDs. With this percentage set to increase over the coming years, finding solutions to this growing health crisis is more important than ever.
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  2. From desk to dining table

    A Fijian student looks through a Beyond the Stars storybook in her classroom.
    How a Year 4 student influenced her family’s entire approach to food.
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  3. “Attention please”

    A teacher and group of students mark Beyond the Stars worksheets in a Fijian classroom.
    How story and technology inspired new eating habits for a Fijian classroom.
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  4. An end to fruit and vegetable protests

    Fijian children who participated in the Beyond the Stars pilot eat lunch in their classroom.
    How an innovative education program helped bring health and harmony to a household.
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  5. Beyond the Stars: A World-First Health Education Program

    Beyond The Stars Health Education Program in the Pacific Islands.
    The Pacific is a beautiful region with a dangerous future. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, obesity and heart disease are the single largest cause of death in the region. Often caused by preventable factors such as diet and activity, NCDs account for over 70% of deaths across the Pacific.
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  6. Karaoke with Kia at the Aus Open

    Kia Caraoke interactive experience at the Australian Open.
    You’re driving along with your friends when a new song starts – your song. You look at each other, and someone reaches for the volume. They turn it up and you all rock out, inhibitions be damned.
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  7. The Making Of: A Karaoke Experience for #AusOpen

    The S1T2 team edits the video for the Kia Caraoke Australian Open experience in 2019.
    Earlier this year, we teamed up with Kia to create a ‘caraoke’ experience in the new Kia Cerato. The idea was to give visitors the chance to jam along to Australian rock classic “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” with their friends and, through the power of augmented reality, a famous tennis player.
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  8. Shining a Light on Climate Change at Vivid Sydney

    Revive The Reef Tackles Climate Change at Vivid Sydney.
    After taking a break last year, we’re stoked to be back for this year’s Vivid Lights Festival. Teaming up with Qantas, we’ve created Revive The Reef, an interactive installation inspired by the Great Barrier Reef. 
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  9. Behind the Scenes: A Real-Time Remix for Adobe

    Adobe Remix Data Visualisation.
    As part of their Remix program, Adobe has spent the last 4 years asking the creative community to remix their iconic ‘A’ logo. This year, they reached out to us here at S1T2 and invited us to put our spin on the logo for the 2017 Adobe Marketing Symposium at the Sydney Opera House.
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  10. The Interactive Future of Brands and Storytelling: A Vivid Ideas Recap

    From augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence, emerging technologies are rapidly redefining the way we interact. While storytelling has been around for centuries, these innovations herald a new way to experience stories: through interactivity.
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  11. Top 5 Interactive Installations at Vivid Sydney 2017

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Interactive Installations Vivid Festival.
    In the lead up to our Vivid Ideas event Imagining an Interactive Brand, we took a trip down to Vivid Lights to see if we could find some examples of interactivity at work.
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  12. Will Magic Leap Make Mixed Reality Successful?

    Augmented Reality Space Model.
    Technology moves fast. Like, really fast. The world of virtual reality (‘VR’), which is arguably still considered ‘newfangled’ by most, is about to be eclipsed by its low-profile but perhaps more relevant cousin, augmented reality (‘AR’). In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if augmented reality replaces virtual reality altogether in the near future.
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