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  1. Nicky Likes – February 2019

    Nicky Likes February 2019 blog post feature image.
    It’s been a while but I’m back again! Welcome to “Nicky Likes” the blog where I curate all my the things that tingle my creativity.
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  2. Nicky Likes – November 2018

    Nicky Likes November 2018 blog post feature image.
    Welcome back to “Nicky Likes”! It’s been a while since the last issue, but I’m back and curating all my art and technology inspiration here at S1T2.
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  3. Nicky Likes – September 2018

    Nicky Likes September 2018 blog post feature image.
    Hello fellow creatives! I’m back again with my 2nd issue of  “Nicky Likes”, a blog series that explores and shares the art and technology references that have influenced me at work.
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  4. How to Make a 3D Hologram

    Artwork for How to Make a Hologram with S1T2.
    At S1T2 we’re always sharing new technologies and designs with each other to help and inspire our work. Sometimes, this leads to personal projects and R&D at work. Even though my title is Lead Animator, I always have the chance to contribute ideas and designs to keep my creative juices flowing.
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  5. Making a Meaningful Animation with the McGrath Foundation

    McGrath Foundation Wallpaper.
    The McGrath Foundation is one of Australia’s most well known and loved charities – and for good reason. So when they approached us to create an animation to introduce their brand refresh, we knew it was going to be an incredible opportunity. Not only would we be contributing to a great cause, we would be doing so by helping to tell a story.
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  6. Generative Video: Compelling Interactive Content

    Generative Video Interactive Animation.
    In 2011, Jason Zada, released a short film titled Take This Lollipop which served as a landmark occasion for generative video. The film, very much set in the horror genre, opens with a creepy man hunched over his computer as he proceeds to stalk his victim. While this in itself was not spectacular in any way, there was one key distinction between Zada’s film and other horror flicks – Zada puts you in the story.
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  7. Introducing My Vodafone with Animations

    Vodafone Smartphone Animation App.
    The My Vodafone TVC combines live footage with an animation overlay to explain Vodafone’s new app for smartphones. The objective was to encourage and familiarise the customers with the smartphone app.
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  8. We Help NBN Debunk Myths with Animated Videos

    NBN Creative Animation of two kids riding rocket.
    A lot of chatter comes with high investment government projects, such as the National Broadband Network (“NBN”), the $38 billion project under the public eye’s scrutiny.
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  9. A Love Affair with Title Sequences Leads to Creativity

    Model posing in a vivid environment.
    Whenever I watch a movie, I’d make sure that by the time the title was being shown I’d comfortably be in my seat because I’d be staying until the end of the movie credits. There was something about the title and credits sandwiching the movie that constantly intrigue me. But it was only when I started animation that I realised they’re called “Title Sequences”.
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  10. Light Testing and Texture Simulation for Vivid Sydney

    Creative lights of Deer and Wolf.
    Once again, we have the great opportunity to be involved in Sydney’s annual Vivid Lights and Sounds Festival. It entails a lot of pressure, especially after the success of Ray, our sculpture in 2014. We always do our best to stay organised, anticipating and preparing for the problems that we might encounter. The earlier we find our flaws, the better the flow of the project is.
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  11. PlanDo Suminagashi Animation

    Dropper performing a creative ink experiment.
    We were asked to create an explanatory animation for PlanDo. An app designed for you to take better control of your working life. It’s a platform for both employees and employers to align career goals and objectives to reach objectives and full potential.
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  12. Bringing Westpac’s Innovation Hub to Life

    Behind the scenes filming of the Westpac Innovation Hub.
    The Westpac account that we’re currently working on is an exciting conceptualisation of future workspaces. Aptly named Westpac Innovation Hub, it’s a destination for advanced and unparalleled technology.You’ll find a video below that we’ve quickly put together that sets the tone for the production.
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