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  1. S1T2 x WFH: How we’re making working from home work for us

    Pink outline of house icon on black background.
    Like many companies around the world at the moment, S1T2 has been working from home for a month or so now. For us, this was more of a shift than a change. We’re still doing what we’ve always done, just with a little extra distance.
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  2. Augmented Spaces: How Technology is Enhancing Art Galleries

    Virtual reality headsets, projectors, Nintendo consoles and smartphones are now being used in art galleries.
    With just weeks left to see our interactive touch wall and circular yokai projection at the Art Gallery of NSW, artist Inge looks at how technology is changing the way we interact with art in the gallery.
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  3. S1T2 a Finalist in the Premier’s NSW Export Awards

    Premier's NSW Export Awards Shortlist Banner.
    Over the past few years, the team here at S1T2 has been working on an increasingly global scale, expanding our horizons from Australia to the Pacific Islands, China and the USA. As we push towards more international work, we’re proud to have been recognised as a finalist in the Creative Industries category of the Premier’s NSW Export Awards this year.
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  4. Vote Now: The Hugging Forest

    The Hugging Forest concept image for NSW Government My Community Project.
    Sometimes, a warm embrace is all you need to feel loved.
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  5. Storytelling Across Islands: An Interview with Arieta (Part 2)

    Fijian-inspired patterns on blog feature image.
    When Tash from S1T2 first shared the idea of Beyond the Stars with me, I was equally excited and sceptical. Not of Tash, but of the idea itself. Would it work? What made this idea different to others that had tried to tackle the issue of non communicable diseases in the Pacific? – Arieta Rika
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  6. Storytelling Across Islands: An Interview with Arieta

    Fijian-inspired patterns on blog feature image.
    Throughout the creation of Beyond the Stars (BTS), it was imperative that we gave Pacific Island artists and storytellers an opportunity to offer feedback on any and all of the work the team was putting together. Our goal was to encourage direct involvement and open collaboration with the people that knew Pacific Island culture best.
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  7. Nicky Likes – August 2018

    Nicky Likes August 2018 blog post feature image.
    Since I have been working at S1T2 (for ages), I have spent so much time on ideation and referencing. I’ve been inspired by so many different kinds of art and technology around the office.
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  8. Imagining an Interactive Brand

    Vivid Ideas wallpaper.
    As part of this year’s Vivid Ideas festival, we hosted Imagining an Interactive Brand.
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  9. Fixing Malnutrition One Bite at a Time

    Corporates Using Creative Virtual Reality Goggles for Launch Food.
    A government official, an academic and an artist walk into the room… Sounds like the start of a bad joke right? In this case, I can assure you, it is far from it. Recently, Chris and I were invited to participate in a private hack hosted by LAUNCH and SecondMuse in partnership with the Australia Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
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  10. Marketing and Design Learnings from the Success of Pokemon Go

    Walking down the streets of Sydney, you’ll see people fixated on their smartphones swiping their finger in an upward motion, undoubtedly flinging Pokeballs at wild Pokemon that appear on their screen thanks to augmented reality. This is Pokemon Go, the one common thing that my colleagues, friends, and family have all been on about since last week.
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  11. Internship Journal: Will Stewart

    Developer Testing Interactive Floor Technology.
    The internship journal is a series that gives each of our interns an opportunity to showcase the projects they’ve worked on as well as their insights from work experience in the industry. We love our interns because they bring ambition and fresh perspectives. It’s also our way of injecting the world with more people who love to do cool work.
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  12. Artworks from the Fables From The Threshold Exhibition

    In April 2016, we held our very first exhibition called Fables From The Threshold (FABLES). FABLES is a unique exhibition, the first of its kind in Sydney exploring interactivity and technology, igniting the curious to rediscover the beauty in ordinary.
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