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The Digital Agency Pitch You’ve Been Waiting For

“No” is not a word you’ll hear from many start-ups. When you’re just starting out, especially as a digital agency, you simply don’t have the luxury of being able to turn down work. If you don’t know how to do it, you have to learn fast and get it done! However, with time and experience, your business naturally begins to develop core skill sets, and your team enjoys doing some things more than others.

Then, just when you think you’ve nailed the essence of who you are, someone comes along and asks that inevitable question: “Tell me, what is it you do?”

We get asked that a lot here at S1T2, and on occasions I struggle to answer it in a simple way. As the business development director, I should have my elevator pitch down pat, but the depth and breadth of digital solutions means there has been no simple way of summing up what we do.

Until now.

If you’ve ever asked me what we do and been rewarded with a cacophony of jargon and marketing babble, I’m sorry. To make it up to you, here’s a very simple explanation of what we do at S1T2.

Imagine your business sells purple dinosaurs. Business is good, but not great. You face three challenges: driving awareness and sales of purple dinosaurs, increasing revenue, and building your business.

Enter S1T2.  


Challenge #1

You need to reach out to the market and sell purple dinosaurs in more places than the usual dinosaur retailers.

Solution: Web. S1T2 provides the digital platform, eCommerce design, and development to reach a wider audience.


Challenge #2

You need to effectively tell the story of the purple dinosaur in a visually appealing manner online.

Solution: Motion. S1T2 creates online videos and animations that can be used as social content and online product information to promote sales.


Challenge #3

You need a standout way of showcasing the purple dinosaurs at your local dinosaur store.

Solution: Experiential. S1T2 creates interactive and immersive experiences that will engage shoppers.


Sounds simple, doesn’t it?


But let’s not get too comfortable. To be a leader in a rapidly evolving industry like digital, we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. We need to continue developing new skills and capabilities. And that means taking our services and solutions in new directions. That is the most exciting thing about digital agencies: we never stand still.

If you’d like more information on any of our solutions, take a look at our website or contact me directly. I promise I won’t talk about any more purple dinosaurs.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what you read, contact us at creative@s1t2.com.au