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  1. The creative process that brought an anamorphic illusion to life

    Kia Morphia came into our lives at the most unexpected moment. Going through a year of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned a lot of things upside down. Until we received this brief, a lot of our experiential marketing and live event work had been paused, for obvious reasons. The S1T2 team had transitioned to working from home, with all the ups and downs that brings. And at the same time, I was moving from being lead animator to art director – even more challenging with the remote working situation.
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  2. Kia Morphia anamorphic illusion stuns at the Australian Open

    We kicked this year off with Kia at the Australian Open, using a huge anamorphic LED display to launch their new brand identity in a first-of-its-kind artwork titled Kia Morphia.
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  3. Interactive Audio: Moving Beyond Static Sound

    Interactive Audio Moving Beyond Static Sound.
    Over the last decade or so I have had the privilege to pass through a few professional fields. After working as a composer, performer, live and studio sound engineer, I found myself getting deep into programming and creative technology. Interactive audio is the melting pot of these overarching domains – technology and sound. It enables us to bring even more life to music and sound by facilitating seamless interplay between someone – or something – and a technological response. It allows for participants in an experience to feel like creators or instigators by opening up parts of the sound world for them to influence and control.
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  4. Interactive Touch Wall Brings Historic Masterpiece to Life for Japan Supernatural

    Woman looks at animated yokai on the interactive touch wall created by S1T2 for the Japan Supernatural exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.
    For hundreds of years, Japanese art and storytelling has been captivated by yōkai – supernatural monsters, demons and extraordinary household objects. In Hiroharu Itaya’s narrative handscroll ‘Night procession of the hundred demons (Hyakki Yagyô)’, these spirits come to life in a fantastic parade of mirth and mayhem, wreaking havoc on the human world.
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  5. A Digital Twist on Traditional Art at #JapanSupernatural

    This month, we’ve launched two new artworks with the Art Gallery of NSW as part of their summer exhibition, Japan Supernatural. The show brings you face-to-face with a vibrant array of phenomenal beings – ghosts, goblins and other extraordinary monsters – from the rich spiritual world of Japanese folklore. 
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  6. Vote Now: The Hugging Forest

    The Hugging Forest concept image for NSW Government My Community Project.
    Sometimes, a warm embrace is all you need to feel loved.
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  7. Innovation for Impact: Results from Beyond the Stars

    Two Fijian children play Beyond the Stars mobile game on a smartphone during school.
    Every year, more than 36 million people die worldwide due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. While the problem is global, in the Pacific Islands it is more pronounced, with over 70% of all deaths caused by NCDs. With this percentage set to increase over the coming years, finding solutions to this growing health crisis is more important than ever.
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  8. From desk to dining table

    A Fijian student looks through a Beyond the Stars storybook in her classroom.
    How a Year 4 student influenced her family’s entire approach to food.
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  9. “Attention please”

    A teacher and group of students mark Beyond the Stars worksheets in a Fijian classroom.
    How story and technology inspired new eating habits for a Fijian classroom.
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  10. An end to fruit and vegetable protests

    Fijian children who participated in the Beyond the Stars pilot eat lunch in their classroom.
    How an innovative education program helped bring health and harmony to a household.
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  11. Beyond the Stars: A World-First Health Education Program

    Beyond The Stars Health Education Program in the Pacific Islands.
    The Pacific is a beautiful region with a dangerous future. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, obesity and heart disease are the single largest cause of death in the region. Often caused by preventable factors such as diet and activity, NCDs account for over 70% of deaths across the Pacific.
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  12. Karaoke with Kia at the Aus Open

    Kia Caraoke interactive experience at the Australian Open.
    You’re driving along with your friends when a new song starts – your song. You look at each other, and someone reaches for the volume. They turn it up and you all rock out, inhibitions be damned.
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