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Adobe Creates Art with Your Heartbeat

We’ve given people the power to bring the world to life at their fingertips with an interactive piece for Adobe’s Create Now World Tour. There were a lot of people present for the launch last Friday even though it was ridiculously windy, we all enjoyed jaffles, hot drinks, live music, and the Adobe Heart Tree, of course.



The work re-invents a century old tree trunk that springs to life using your own heartbeat. Once touched, the reflective pulse oximeters within the tree reads your heartbeat and composes a unique performance. The tree’s light and sound performance is inspired by the elements of nature- earth, fire, wind, and water.


Initially, we had difficulties making the oximeters work because of the cold hands people have during winter. But we were able to devise a way around it, concealing an infrared lamp behind the oximeters to warm people’s hands.

Here’s Chris Panzetta, our managing director to tell you more about the inspiration behind it..

The Adobe Heart Tree will be at Central Park every day from 5pm to 12am and will be on display until the 25th of July.

This article was also featured on Campaign Brief and B&T.

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