The rise of digital has given marketers more data and opportunities to analyse, but has that made us more mechanical and less human? People have become smarter, they know they’re being observed and have started sensitively filtering information that’s fed to them. It’s becoming harder for marketers and brands alike to cut through to gain awareness, recognition, and loyalty.

But there’s a way to turn the table, to give the consumer the reins.

Enter experiential activations, where marketing information isn’t exactly pushed to audiences, rather, they’re given the baton, the opportunity to judge. They aren’t pushed information, but given an option whether to engage or not. It’s a refreshing and radical shift since nothing sticks better than your memorable personal experience. It evolves into an effective and authentic hook in your consumer’s minds – an anchor that can be pushed and triggered in future efforts and campaigns.

The most successful activations elicit emotions from people.

These instances would see:

  • 93% of participants sharing this information
  • 65% recommendations to their circles
  • A circle of influence ~50-200 people

Experiential is a new and modern way to tell brand stories, to engage users not just on screen, but physically and mentally. Pushing the envelope, creating unique and innovative work to cut through to your audience presenting customised solutions to hit a bullseye on your goal.

This area of marketing, when executed well is capable of shifting perceptions, solving problems, and connecting people.

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