eBay continues projecting itself as an innovation frontrunner with eBay Innovation Lab. For three days at Darling Harbour, Sydneysiders had the chance to experience and explore emerging technology whilst eBay gathered valuable data to predict retail trends of the future, showcased products included hologram generators, 3D printers, drones, and virtual reality headsets.

People lining up for eBay Innovation Lad exhibition

Every single move of participants were being captured through gaze and journey tracking, you could say it welcomed people into a the reality of George Orwell’s 1984.

Everywhere people looked and turned, they were being tracked with cameras, here’s Las explaining how the gaze system worked:

Collage from eBay Innovation Lab exhibition

Left: 360 camera overhead, Right: front-facing web camera

Before people entered the tent, they were given a Samsung S6 Edge smartphone. The custom Android app recorded user data and enabled RFID interactions at product plinths. How the journey tracking worked:

eBay EDM showing heat map based on tracking and product dwell times.

eBay EDM showing heat map based on tracking and product dwell times.

A brain system written in node.js brought together data from the gaze and journey tracking. How the brain system worked:

The three-day experience saw over 1700 people dwelling up to 42 minutes in the space.

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