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Ray is Vivid’s Most Popular Sculpture

Last May, we took part in our first Vivid Sydney festival. We designed and developed Ray, a solar- powered interactive light sculpture. It served as a metaphorical call to action towards the efforts of providing a source of affordable, renewable, and clean energy source for India’s urban slum communities.

IBM‘s ‘Heart of the City’ recorded Ray as the most visited installation with 353,559 visitors averaging a twenty-two-minute stay. Audiences were also able to interact with Ray in real-time by hashtagging #HiRay on social media, or through visiting the official HiRay website for information on his energy levels and visitor frequency.



Stay posted for more updates on Ray, he is scheduled to return to Sydney at World Square and Cockle Bay Wharf.

As part of its popularity Ray was featured on a number of press releases and media including:


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