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  1. Complex Tech on a Light Device: Learnings from Nespresso AR

    Tablet showing Nespresso AR augmented reality experience.
    Experimentation and iteration are always a big part of our process when it comes to working with new tech. This was especially true when we stepped back into the realm of augmented reality with Nespresso AR. For this project, we had to do a lot of R&D and testing to discover the possibilities of both the software and the hardware, and how these elements could integrate with one another.
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  2. The Most Important Part of Your Website is Probably the Most Boring

    Feature image for Sakura Rimal’s blog on website.
    Forms. They don’t exactly inspire excitement. In fact, the general experience most people have with forms is that they’re arduous, annoying and inconvenient. A bit like standing in a long queue with no choice but to put up with it. The difference is that, for customers looking at a form on your website, there’s nothing stopping them from simply closing the tab.
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  3. The Making Of: A Karaoke Experience for #AusOpen

    The S1T2 team edits the video for the Kia Caraoke Australian Open experience in 2019.
    Earlier this year, we teamed up with Kia to create a ‘caraoke’ experience in the new Kia Cerato. The idea was to give visitors the chance to jam along to Australian rock classic “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” with their friends and, through the power of augmented reality, a famous tennis player.
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  4. Using WebGL to Tell Personal Stories of Remembrance

    Website design colour experiment for Queensland Remembers.
    In honour of Remembrance Day this year, we launched a website with the Queensland Government called Queensland Remembers. The idea was to create a digital reflection pool filled with floating poppies dedicated to those who served. But what makes the site special is the personal stories it inspires. Every poppy that floats by has been created by someone with a personal story about Remembrance Day – stories that we invite you to share as you explore the site.
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  5. How to Make a 3D Hologram

    Artwork for How to Make a Hologram with S1T2.
    At S1T2 we’re always sharing new technologies and designs with each other to help and inspire our work. Sometimes, this leads to personal projects and R&D at work. Even though my title is Lead Animator, I always have the chance to contribute ideas and designs to keep my creative juices flowing.
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  6. Univariate Linear Regression

    In my first attempt at a how-to guide, I delve into linear regression – a tried and tested method of predictive analysis. It’s a light weight method with a fast implementation time; making it ideal to use as a benchmark for more complex learning algorithms. The analysis is univariate – single input to prediction. Scenarios like this aren’t very realistic but they make it easy to graphically visualise the process. The steps followed in this guide form the backbone, and starting point, of a machine learning pipeline.
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  7. Making a Meaningful Animation with the McGrath Foundation

    McGrath Foundation Wallpaper.
    The McGrath Foundation is one of Australia’s most well known and loved charities – and for good reason. So when they approached us to create an animation to introduce their brand refresh, we knew it was going to be an incredible opportunity. Not only would we be contributing to a great cause, we would be doing so by helping to tell a story.
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  8. Making a Virtual Reality Documentary for The World Bank

    Creative Agency Team Demonstrating Virtual Reality Equipment.
    In our most recent project, we challenged ourselves to use virtual reality technology to create a 360° interactive documentary for the World Bank called “The Price of Conflict, The Prospect of Peace”.
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  9. How to Make 360 Video for Virtual Reality

    Animated Stitching of how to make a Virtual Reality Video.
    360-degree spherical video has always been something that intrigued me, and last year, I was encouraged to start experimenting in light of virtual reality.
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  10. How to Make a Live Action Virtual Reality Experience

    Creative Agency Team with Virtual Reality Equipment.
    Overview In August 2015 at the heart of Sydney in Pitt Street Mall, we had the pleasure of launching HSBC’s Wallabies All Access, the first virtual reality experience in Australian sport. Working with hot and fresh technology meant we had to work out a lot of processes and kinks,  but it also gave us the exciting responsibility of giving audiences (most likely) their first taste of virtual reality.
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  11. How to SEO Your Website – A Case Study on 1300HomeLoan

    Animated Creative Website for 1300HomeLoan.
    Recently we were tasked with designing and developing the new 1300HomeLoan website. Being an online brand we knew the project would require us to develop the website in a manner that was search-engine-optimised (SEO)  in order for the website to improve its search engine results page (SERP) ranking. Because of this, we knew we weren’t going to make the most beautiful of websites but rather, our objective was to balance visual aesthetics with search engine requirements.
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  12. A Case Study on Social Amplification

    Corporate office equipment and letter.
    These days there is only one type of viral for brands, and that is paid. This is not because creative is dead, but rather social platforms like Facebook have realised they can charge for reach. According to Jon Loomer, your Facebook page reach today is only:
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