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  1. Augmented Spaces: How Technology is Enhancing Art Galleries

    Virtual reality headsets, projectors, Nintendo consoles and smartphones are now being used in art galleries.
    With just weeks left to see our interactive touch wall and circular yokai projection at the Art Gallery of NSW, artist Inge looks at how technology is changing the way we interact with art in the gallery.
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  2. Nicky Likes – November 2018

    Nicky Likes November 2018 blog post feature image.
    Welcome back to “Nicky Likes”! It’s been a while since the last issue, but I’m back and curating all my art and technology inspiration here at S1T2.
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  3. Nicky Likes – August 2018

    Nicky Likes August 2018 blog post feature image.
    Since I have been working at S1T2 (for ages), I have spent so much time on ideation and referencing. I’ve been inspired by so many different kinds of art and technology around the office.
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  4. The AI Debate: Does Creativity Require Humanity?

    Robot illustration symbolises the AI debate.
    As part of this year’s Vivid Ideas, I was asked to take part in an Artificial Intelligence Debate: Does Creativity Require Humanity? At S1T2 we’ve manage to make colourful careers straddling art and science, so I could see both sides of the debate, but I was placed in defence of humanity.
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  5. Making a 360° Virtual Reality Experience on Climate Change for COP23

    Behind the scenes for COP23 virtual reality in Fiji - Small.
    A couple months ago we were asked to work on a World Bank project in collaboration with the Fijian Government that tackled climate change. Having recently discovered my own personal passion for the topic, and with the United Nations’ 23rd annual session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 23) coming up, it was the perfect time to highlight climate vulnerability using a uniquely inspiring technology and a film titled ‘Our Home, Our People’.
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  6. The Power and Pain of Mobile VR

    Terri Scheer destroyed Virtual Reality house.
    It all started back in 2014, when Google launched Cardboard as a way for people to experience the world of VR through their smartphones. A year later, Samsung got on board with their Gear VR, and before we knew it Google was back with the Daydream View just last year. And it’s not just the big names who are getting involved. Even a quick search for “mobile VR headset” reveals dozens of options. Homido VR, Mattel View Master, Zeiss VR One… the list goes on and on. There’s no avoiding it: we’ve well and truly entered the era of mobile VR.
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  7. Virtual Reality as a New Kind of Documentary

    Child wearing Virtual Reality Goggles in Classroom.
    Earlier this year, we had the privilege of sending an S1T2 team to Southeast Asia to film a virtual reality documentary series with World Bank. The series, titled “The Price of Conflict, The Prospect of Peace”, allows viewers to experience firsthand the pasts, presents and futures of those living in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region.
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  8. Marketing and Design Learnings from the Success of Pokemon Go

    Walking down the streets of Sydney, you’ll see people fixated on their smartphones swiping their finger in an upward motion, undoubtedly flinging Pokeballs at wild Pokemon that appear on their screen thanks to augmented reality. This is Pokemon Go, the one common thing that my colleagues, friends, and family have all been on about since last week.
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  9. Lessons From Semi-Permanent 2016

    Semi Permanent this year placed a lot of emphasis on time – respecting the past and anticipating future. Obviously, as each larger panel was aptly named: “The Future of Tech, of State, of Travel”, but the other talks I enjoyed referenced a similar focus or presented stories of the self-wrestling creative. Overall, these sessions taught me a thing or two but also prodded me to think a bit deeper about the concepts presented.
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  10. Types of Virtual Reality Experiences

    Digital Ocean Virtual Reality Goggles Headset Graphic.
    This year, names like Oculus and Samsung will bring the world of VR into the mainstream. With VR becoming more accessible and applicable, companies in the know are scrambling to jump on the bandwagon by creating on-brand realities that engage their audiences through a more immersive medium.
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  11. Design Grad’s Guide to Mastering the Most Important Skill

    Cute Scared Dinosaur Graphic.
    The common misconception of freshly graduated design students is that their most valuable skills are their technical ones – competency in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
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  12. Achieving Presence and Immersion in Virtual Reality

    Creative Virtual Reality Eyes Graphic.
    Reality is a personal experience, right? In the world of virtual reality, it goes beyond firsthand experience; state-of-the-art technology is key to creating a ‘reality’, especially technologies bring you to the point where you feel they’re invisible. The most believable virtual reality experiences are the ones we don’t notice has been fabricated, and that’s when virtual reality presence is achieved.
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