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Virtual Reality

7 Most Creative Executions of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was a far reality until 2012. Oculus showed us the future with a piece of technology so immersive and versatile that we’re seeing incredible applications in different fields. It’s not hard to see why its predicted to grow 100% yearly in the next five years. Check out these early adopting brands with their innovative virtual reality applications.

  1. Crash Testing with NRMA

To promote car safety, NRMA paired virtual reality with hydraulics to create an experience based on a first-hand experience of being in a car accident.

2. Game of Thrones Ascend the Wall

Ascend the Wall uses virtual reality to showcase sheer size and scale of The Wall at Castle Black, making acrophobics shake in their boots.

3. The Tibrogargan Dreamtime Story

Feel the earth rumble, as mountains come to life in this gigantic otherworldly animated experience based on Aboriginal mythology.

4. Stella Artois’ The Perfect Flight

Take flight with Rufus the hawk as he scares the pigeons above the Wimbledon courts.

5. Samsung: World’s First VR birth

This experience gives the father a life-defining moment he would’ve otherwise missed.

6. UN’s Virtual Reality Documentary

The documentary sheds light on the conflict in Syria through the eyes of a twelve-year-old child.

7. HSBC Wallabies All Access

Wallabies All Access gives fans the opportunity to go behind closed doors to get up close and personal to these superstars.

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