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Introducing Athena…

Athena is a home loan company committed to shaking things up. They’re radically changing how we think about mortgages. And when they launched their website, they wanted to dramatically rethink how we interact with brands online. That’s where we came in.

The website we’ve created with them over the last few months is unconventional to say the least. Forget what you think a website should be, and discover what it could be.

Instead of scrolling down, the Athena website invites you to scroll in, exploring a digital space that goes beyond the two-dimensional. Armed with bold storytelling and illustration style, the site encourages you to take control and uncover, step by step, what your journey with Athena could be.

Homepage for Athena Home Loans website

Screenshot from Athena Home Loans WebGL website

Final Form on the Athena Home Loans website

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