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  1. Kia Caraoke Studio

    Sing along with tennis stars in a personalised AR karaoke studio.
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  2. Adobe Remix

    Dance and music performance data trigger a real-time remix of the Adobe logo.
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    Adobe Remix digital marketing logo generated from real time data.
  3. Dyson AR

    Discover more about the tiny world of toxins that Dyson's cleaning.
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    Dyson AR digital marketing experience.
  4. AECOM Reconnected City

    A virtual sim-city visualises proprietary data to portray the challenges of sustainable building.
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    AECOM Reconnected City Art - Small.
  5. Cathay Pacific Taking Flight

    A socially powered creative technology experience at the Night Noodle Markets.
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    Cathay Pacific light sculpture concept art.
  6. AECOM Underground Cities

    Using interactive experiences to discuss underground infrastructure
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    Users playing with AECOM underground cities.
  7. HCF Heart of the Swans

    Using purpose built wristbands to measure and visualise the passion of the fans.
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    Crowd at HCF Heart of the Swans digital marketing activation.
  8. Fables from the Threshold

    Experience real-time motion tracking in a gamified virtual reality maze that never ends.
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    Screenshot of Environment in Fables From The Threshold.
  9. Canberra Centre Light Touch Wall

    Creative technology transforms a blank wall into an interactive canvas of light.
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    Girl interacting with Canberra Centre Light Touch Wall.
  10. Energizer Power Up Your Christmas

    An interactive motion-sensor game challenges children of all ages to to power Santa's sleigh.
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    Girl plays Energizer Power Your Christmas gamification activation.
  11. eBay Innovation Lab

    Tracking, mining and analysing the shopping trends of tomorrow with 3D printing.
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    Demonstration of the eBay Innovation Lab.
  12. Adobe Heart Tree

    New interactive technology brings a centuries old tree to life using your own heartbeat.
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    Light installation on Adobe Heart Tree.
  13. Alzheimers Australia Affinity

    An interactive light installation explores the mystery of the brand that holds our fondest memories.
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    Affinity on Display at National Gallery Singapore and Vivid Sydney.
  14. Samsung SlideLiner

    A priceless, once in a lifetime sporting experience shared with fans around the world.
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    Users sitting within the Samsung Slideliner.
  15. Visa Wave and Win

    A motion capture experience played out at an iconic stadium across an audience of a hundred-thousand.
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    Crowd at Visa Wave and Win gamification experience.
  16. Samsung Safe

    An integrated mobile app captures the real-life bank robbery experience on a Samsung Note 4.
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    Samsung Safe gamification experience.
  17. Vivid Sydney RAY

    Vivid Sydney’s first solar-powered installation harnesses the power of the sun.
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    RAY digital marketing sculpture at Vivid.
  18. Great Northern Catch

    Face off your mate in a deep sea fishing match to bring in the biggest catch.
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    Marlin jumping out of the water gamification.
  19. Samsung Scan and Win

    Physical flyers trigger augmented reality experience for Samsung’s store launch.
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    Man scanning QR code at Samsung Scan and Win.
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