Boy interacts with the Adobe Heart Tree digital marketing installation.

Adobe Heart Tree

Project Type

Adobe’s Digital Marketing Shows the Heart of Every Person

As part of Adobe’s Random Acts of Creativity, a program designed to inspire spontaneous moments of creativity in the monotony of the everyday, S1T2 created the Adobe Heart Tree to symbolise the creative spirit found in every person. In doing so, S1T2 brought a century-old tree back to life by giving it the ability to read the human heart. Brought to life through creative technology, the Adobe Heart Tree harnessed digital marketing to symbolically explore the answer to the age-old question: “Where does creativity come from?”

Adobe Heart Tree, proved that a creative experience could be found just about anywhere. Brought to life with a human touch, once a hand is placed on the tree a reflective pulse oximeter sensor would read its heartbeat. The sensor would then pass this information to a computer able to translate the heartbeat to a designated BPM. The BPM of each person was then reappropriated into a unique show of lights and sounds that was inspired by the elements of nature.

Adobe Heart Tree initially launched in Central Park, Sydney and saw the park be brought to life every night for a week after which it was available on public display in Westfield shopping centres across Australia. On the first night, a crowd of over six hundred attended the unveiling to see first-hand how the creative technology would read their heartbeat. Over the space of a week, the experiential marketing activation recorded and engaged with 3,571 heartbeats from individuals passing by. The popularity and uniqueness of the Adobe Heart Tree also garnered significant media attention including features from B&T, Campaign Brief and Herald Sun. Adobe Heart Tree currently resides at the Affectors Gallery in Sydney. A case study and a behind the scenes video about the project can also be seen on S1T2’s YouTube channel.

Close up of sensors in the Adobe Heart Tree digital marketing installation.
Woman interacts with the Adobe Heart Tree.

Turning Heartbeats into an Immersive Experience

Using multiple reflective pulse oximeters with heat lamps, the experience was able to capture each individual’s heartbeat when they touched the heart tree. S1T2 also concealed an infrared lamp behind the oximeters to ensure that people’s hands were warm enough to activate the sensor. Microprocessors then passed this information to a computer that translated the heartbeat to a designated BPM range, which was then re-appropriated to a light and sound performance inspired by the elements of nature – earth, fire, wind and water.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite,
    • Pro Tools.
  • Development

    • C#,
    • Java,
    • Processing.
  • Hardware

    • Arduino,
    • LEDs,
    • Pulse Oximeters.
  • Networking

    • DMX.
Family interacts with the Adobe Heart Tree digital marketing experience.

Finding the Creative in Everyone

The creative technology solution developed aimed to visually demonstrate the source of creativity in every person. By reading the actual heart beat of each person S1T2 was able to literally show their unique creative heart. The resulting rhythmic display of light and sound pulsated in time with the heartbeat, creating an individualised visualisation of each person’s creativity. As an emotional digital marketing activation, Adobe Heart Tree demonstrated that everyone on this earth possesses the power to create and move the world with their own creative voice.