Light Touch Wall digital marketing activation at the Canberra Centre.

Canberra Centre Light Touch Wall

Project Type

Interactive Canvas Lights Up the Canberra Centre

An interactive canvas of creativity, the Canberra Centre Light Touch Wall was developed by creatives at S1T2 and Traffik Marketing in a bid to transform the Canberra Centre’s hoarding into an engaging experience for thousands of daily visitors. The immersive digital marketing activation was designed to react and adapt dynamically to the human touch, inviting audiences to use their own hands to manipulate its glowing lights, creating a collaborative and engaging creative technology experience for ever passerby to enjoy.

The activation saw the giant 12 x 4 metre wall covered with an array of custom-made 100mm LED lights. Able to cycle through seven different colour modes on each individual light, visitors were given the chance to experience the technology installation in whatever way they desired – whether that was streaming past the wall in a flash of light, or standing for hours expressing their inner creative vision. Radiating with innovative and imaginative potential, the digital marketing activation asked audiences to interact directly and create their own personalised light display.

Overall, the light wall was an exciting, responsive installation that encouraged users to rethink how they could communicate through light and touch.

Man interacts with the Light Touch Wall at the Canberra Centre.

Transforming a Concrete Wall into an Interactive Canvas

Built with custom-programmed circuit boards with integrated capacitive touch sensors, the vibrant light wall was designed to cycle through the colour spectrum at the lightest human touch. Adapting to individual interactions, the tactile canvas presented a unique combination of computational power, light technology, and user interaction design. 

To begin, S1T2 fitted 1,200 custom-designed silicone light fixtures to the wall in a playful, abstract manner. Half of these fixtures protruded out from the wall to create texture and intrigue. The varied depth of the lights gave the work a playful, approachable quality. It also encouraged audiences of all ages to come forward and interact directly with the light sculpture.

Bringing the installation to life required an intricate power system. First, we wired each panel of lights into two 12V power supplies. Next, we joined these power supplies to two main 240V lines spanning half the length of the hoarding. Finally, we connected the mains lines to a timer and switch module mounted on the side of the hoarding. Through this system we were able to operate and control the entire activation from a central, easily accessible vantage point.

Close up of person interacting with Canberra Centre Light Touch Wall.

Use of Capacitive Touch Sensors

Each of the activation’s circular light fixtures had built-in capacitive touch sensors. Through these sensors audiences could interact directly with the light sculpture, with each LED changing colour with a simple touch. Tapping continuously on any of the 1,200 lights, participants were able to scroll through up to seven different colours. In this way audiences were able to bring the creative technology canvas to life with their very own hands. We were also able to ensure that the luminescent light wall generated a unique experiential experience for every visitor by allowing easy access for anyone of all ages to engage with the installation.