Cathay Pacific Taking Flight Digital Marketing Installation.

Cathay Pacific Taking Flight

Project Type

Creative Technology Visualises a Life Well Traveled with Cathay Pacific

Tasked with helping Cathay Pacific to leverage their Night Noodle Market sponsorship, creative technologists at S1T2 worked with Traffik Marketing to create Taking Flight, an interactive brand experience communicating their campaign hashtag #LifeWellTravelled. The aim was to produce a vibrant, spectacular digital marketing activation that would allow the brand to ‘own’ the Night Noodle Market, both in the real world and across social media channels.

The interactive sculpture used creative technology to recreate a flock of birds suspended in mid air above diners in the Cathay Pacific marquee. Constructed from a matrix of over 1,200 LED lights, the experiential marketing installation created a synchronised audiovisual experience for visitors based on the locations that Cathay Pacific flies to. And, when viewed from afar, Taking Flight formed Cathay Pacific’s iconic ‘Brushwing’ logo, allowing the brand to generate exposure and awareness throughout the entire Night Noodle Markets.

The interactive light experience travelled across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Through its social media integration, the activation was initiated over 12,000 times and reached over 1.2 million people through social channels in just a few short days.

Close up of gamification light sculpture Taking Flight for Cathay Pacific.

Social Sharing to Trigger a Pixel-Mapped Activation

While the static sculpture was a physically impressive sight to behold, the performance created upon every engagement was designed as an interactive experience, brought to life through audience interaction. Taking advantage of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, different facets of the pixel-mapped experiential marketing activation were brought to life as visitors used the hashtag #LifeWellTravelled. This integration of social media allowed Taking Flight to create brand reach beyond the Night Noodle Markets while giving audiences present at the installation the ability to participate actively in its creation.

In designing the audiovisual experiences that brought Taking Flight to life, we were inspired by the cultural themes of a range of Cathay Pacific’s flight destinations. Throughout its construction and activation, the project brought together a range of audio and visual effects into a three-dimensional, pixel-mapped creative technology experience. Treating each of the 1,200 lights that made up the installation as individual pixels in 3D space, we were able to map vibrant animations across the entire digital marketing experience. In this way, the suspended, LED matrix of virtual birds could change colour, adapt its texture, and create a feeling of embodied movement.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Development

    • Max MSP,
    • Node.js,
    • OpenFrameworks.
  • Hardware

    • ArtNet DMX Controllers.
  • Integrations

    • Instagram API.
  • Networking

    • ArtNet,
    • DMX,
    • HTTP.
Cathay Pacific Taking Flight digital marketing sculpture.
Cathay Pacific interactive light sculpture.

Life Well Travelled with Instagram API

The installation also lit up social channels through a concerted social media marketing campaign involving Cathay Pacific’s hashtag #LifeWellTravelled. While using this hashtag put visitors in the running to win Cathay Pacific air miles, it also allowed them to interact with and participate in the experiential marketing activation itself. With careful programming of the installation, each of the over 12,000 interactions with the hashtag triggered the physical installation’s pixel-mapped light and sound performance to adapt and change in real time. In particular, our implementation of constant polling of the Instagram API allowed us to engineer the sculpture to play animated sequences every time visitors tool photos and posted them to Instagram, with a delay of less than 0.5 seconds.