Dyson AR digital marketing experience.

Dyson AR

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Examine the Tiny World that Dyson Deals With

When Dyson reached out to S1T2 to help them promote their new air purifier and fan – the Dyson Pure Cool Link – we saw it as an opportunity to develop a cutting-edge, scalable augmented reality experience. To achieve this, S1T2 built an application for use on a tablet device that allowed customers to interact with and learn about the different sources of toxins and bacteria that may be in a room.

The experience begins with the user being given a tablet to scan the room in search of identifiable toxins and bacteria like pollen, pet dander, bacteria and mould. Once a source of these toxins are found – represented by a stream of particles flowing off an object – users can then interact with them by triggering a particle from the cloud to levitate on the screen alongside a breakdown of information about it. Through this, Dyson could demonstrate to their customers the effectiveness of their product in reducing and removing bacteria that is evident, but sometimes cannot be seen easily.

The application was unveiled to selected media personnel at a Dyson stakeholder event in Sydney to overwhelming success and has since been scheduled for demonstration in Japan, Germany and London.

Customers use Dyson AR digital marketing experience.
In-game display of dust in a kitchen from Dyson AR digital marketing experience.

Markers and Magnified Molecules

Using custom-designed augmented reality markers, S1T2 was able to create key activation points scattered around a room from the kitchen, bedroom, closets, living room and bathroom. When a marker is identified after a room is scanned, the bacteria is visualised on the screen. Bacteria could also be swiped and played with to gamify the experience.

Once a bacteria has been detected, the user is able to learn more information about the particle using their tablet device. The application was designed for iPad Pro running iOS 9+ utilising the camera functionality of the tablet device. 

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Development

    • C#,
    • Unreal Engine 4.
  • Hardware

    • iPad Pro.
Dyson augmented reality tablet experience.

Gamified Residue Experience

As customers looked at different toxins, a residue would begin to build up on the tablet screen. The more particles the user looked at, the more the level of residue grows, thus creating a gamified experience and sense of bacteria build-up over time. After looking at five particles, users found the screen to be entirely covered, which signalled the conclusion of the digital experience, and a segue from digital to offline where Dyson ambassadors would take over the conversation.