Crowd engages with Energizer Power Your Christmas digital marketing activation.

Energizer Power Up Your Christmas

Project Type

Powering Christmas Toys All Around the World

Christmas is a very busy time for the Energizer brand with their batteries responsible for powering up children’s toys all around the world. With that assignment in mind, Energizer wanted to create an interactive digital marketing experience for children of all ages and their families to enjoy while they did their Christmas shopping. To do so, they partnered with Westfield and augmented reality specialists at S1T2 to create the Power Up Your Christmas game.

In the game, shoppers had the chance to help Mr. Energizer himself deliver presents. Stepping on as many power batteries and bonus buttons as they could, players use their speed and agility to power the magical sleigh. The longer the game went on, the faster and more agile players needed to be. By the end of the experiential marketing experience, the most fleet-footed shoppers had the chance to share in up to $30,000 worth of Westfield gift vouchers that they could use as they continued their own Christmas shopping.

Designed to reflect the innovations Energizer had implemented in their EcoAdvanced range, the experiential marketing activation used creative technology to take branded experiences to a whole new level. Spreading cheer to every stressed-out shopper, the interactive game mechanics took advantage of a brightly coloured LED floor display which brought an element of physicality to the game. In doing so, the creative technology activation was able to bring the Energizer brand to life in a fun and engaging experience perfectly tailored to enhance the spirit of Christmas throughout Westfield stores.

Power Up Your Christmas was run in selected Westfield centres across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland for two weeks over the Christmas period. The activation amassed over 7,000 game plays, with over 34,000 other passive views during the festive period. The technology is available for demonstration upon request, and a video of the activation itself can be seen on S1T2’s YouTube channel.

Girl plays Energizer Power Your Christmas game.
Family watches people play the Energizer Power Your Christmas gamificaiton experience.

Dynamic Game Mechanics

To create the immersive game environment that was so crucial to bringing the Power Up Your Christmas experience to life, S1T2 integrated both a large, interactive LED floor and a high-resolution 75” wall-mounted LED display into the custom-built, Christmas-themed set. These high quality displays allowed S1T2 to create a brightly coloured game environment in which to implement the interactive game mechanics of the experiential marketing activation. This use of creative technology to combine an innovative game mechanic with a vibrant game environment gave players the energy to enjoy the game, and then continue their Christmas shopping.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite,
    • Autodesk Maya,
    • Maxon Cinema 4D.
  • Development

    • Unreal Engine 4.
  • Hardware

    • Kinect 2.0,
    • LEDs.
Girl interacts with Energizer Power Your Christmas digital marketing game.

Unreal Engine Development

Using Unreal Engine as our main development framework, we were able to build both the core game mechanics and the procedural visual effects of the experiential marketing game within one integrated, unified system. Responsive interactivity was then implemented using a Kinect library. Significant amounts of iterative play-testing then allowed us to ensure that the creative technology experience reacted intuitively to the player’s movements under a variety of conditions. The scoreboard and interactive LED floor were created as separate applications, with bi-directional real-time data synchronisation allowing them to integrate seamlessly into the overall game experience.