Animated Character from Great Northern Catch holding his two fish.

Great Northern Catch

Project Type

Deep Sea Fishing Brought to your Local

Disrupting and changing pub-goer’s long standing beverage preference is no easy feat. S1T2 in collaboration with Traffik Marketing had the creative insight to take Queenslanders favourite pastime and bring it into the local watering holes through an interactive deep sea fishing experience, used to promote and drive awareness of relative newcomer, Great Northern Brewing Co.

S1T2 brought this to life through an interactive game that gave players the chance to face off against their mates by catching the biggest Marlin in a time pressured challenge. Prizes were up for grabs if anyone managed to capture the elusive golden Marlin which appeared at random throughout the day.

As a result of the immersive digital marketing experience, Great Northern Brewing Co saw an increase of 600% in sales at participating venues.

UI for Great Northern Fishing Game.
Fisherman holding a Marlin gamification.

Translating Physical Movements into Digital with Gyroscopic Data

From their local pub, players were transported to the back of a boat as their deep sea adventure began. To add a sense of realism to game mechanic, Nintendo Wii controllers were used to accurately track gyroscopic data from the players movements. This recorded the positioning, direction and velocity of players as they casted and reeled in their fishing lines. The Great Northern Catch experience was created using Unity 3D with models and animations created in Maya.

  • Design

    • Autodesk Maya.
  • Development

    • Unity 3D.
  • Hardware

    • Nintendo Wii.
Audience enjoying the Great Northern Game.

Expansion and Future Deployment

Due to the success of the original activation, Great Northern Catch is currently being updated to include more fish and prizes as the Great Northern Brewing Co plans to expand the gamified experience into more pubs across Queensland. This will allow the game to allow for multiple players, and expand the experience beyond the initial pilot.