S1T2's Kia Caraoke Studio experiential marketing activation for the Australian Open.

Kia Caraoke Studio

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Over 9,000 tennis fans sing and dance their hearts out with Kia at the Australian Open

During the 2019 Australian Open, S1T2 and Kia created an interactive experience that gave visitors the chance to test their karaoke skills with tennis stars while exploring the brand new Kia Cerato. Turning the classic test drive on its head, the Kia Caraoke Studio used augmented reality to create a simple yet memorable experience that delighted tennis and karaoke lovers alike.

Jumping into a Kia Cerato, visitors were greeted by tennis stars Thanasi Kokkinakis and Daria Gavrilova and asked to sing along to Jet’s iconic Aussie classic “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”. Joined by the tennis pros themselves through an innovative use of augmented reality, tennis fans were encouraged to give the performance of a lifetime.

Aiming to create a fun, shareable experience for tennis fans, the Kia Caraoke Studio capitalised on the novelty of augmented reality to give visitors a believable experience of singing along with the stars. Immersed in a karaoke studio-like environment through energetic lighting sequences and privacy window tinting, visitors were able to let go of their inhibitions and really have some fun.

Throughout their performance, visitors were provided with real-time pitch and performance metrics that eventually combined into an overall result that determined their chance of winning a range of prizes. At the end of the experience, visitors also received a link to a short video of their performance (hosted on a dedicated microsite) that could be shared with family and friends via social media.

The Kia Caraoke Studio was live at Grand Slam Oval for 15 days during the 2019 Australian Open. With near constant queues, the experience saw 4,000 teams and over 9,000 individuals test their karaoke skills as they sang along with the stars through augmented reality. Even after the Open the experience resonated with fans, with videos on the microsite receiving over 15,300 views.

Kia Caraoke Studio creative technology experience.
Kia Caraoke Studio augmented reality experience for Australian Open.

Instant performance scores in a personalised karaoke studio

Throughout the experience, visitors were immersed in a karaoke studio-like environment through energetic lighting sequences programmed through Nanoleaf light panels and a DMX controller to match the rhythm and drama of the karaoke song. Meanwhile, strong window tinting gave visitors a feeling of privacy that encouraged them to rock out with no inhibitions.

With the freedom to rock out with no inhibitions, visitors were also given real-time scores based on their pitch and overall performance throughout the experience. These scores were determined by matching live in-car audio with that of the original song and pixel mapping the movement of users in the dynamic video.

Inside the car, these scores helped create an energetic atmosphere that encouraged users to let go of their inhibitions and really have some fun. Outside the car, individual results were combined into an overall score that determined visitors’ chances of winning a range of prizes.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Development

    • Cordova,
    • Electron,
    • HTML/CSS,
    • JavaScript,
    • Lumen,
    • MailChimp,
    • PHP,
    • Vue.js.
  • Hardware

    • 4K Monitors,
    • Blackmagic Video Pro Plus,
    • Nanoleaf Light Panels.
  • Networking

    • DMX,
    • OSC.
Kia Caraoke Studio gamified experiential marketing.

Generative photos and videos create a personalised, shareable experience

At the end of each karaoke session, a short video of the performance was uploaded to a dedicated microsite as a lasting memento of the experience. This digital takeaway was created by combining pre-event video of tennis pros Kokkinakis and Gavrilova, live footage captured during the experience, and gamified overlay graphics into a 30 second video that furthered the augmented reality allusion that visitors were singing along with the stars.

Once they finished performing, visitors were sent the link to their short performance video, along with a dynamically generated image of their experience, through an automated email. From there, tennis fans could share their performance with friends and family across social media under the hashtag #KiaTennis. By providing multiple ways to interact beyond the event itself, these takeaways extended the life of the activation, turning a private karaoke session into a widely shareable experience.