User trying to unlock Samsung Safe.

Samsung Safe

Project Type

Experiential Game Launches Samsung Note 4

To celebrate the launch of their distinctive Note 4 device, Samsung teamed up with creative technology agency S1T2 to create the Samsung Safe, a memorable experiential marketing activation that simulated a real life bank robbery experience. Deliberately placing the Samsung Note 4 in the centre of a time-sensitive safe cracking experience, the game gave players the opportunity to interact with the new device, solve a puzzle and, if successful, unlock a range of prizes.

In this interactive, gamified experience, contestants were given fifteen seconds to test their speed and dexterity as they attempted to crack the safe and win the loot hidden inside. Located in highly frequented pedestrian areas around Australia, the game placed the Note 4 into the minds and hands of thousands of consumers. Using creative technology to incentivise interaction through an intelligent prize-winning mechanic, the Samsung Safe acted as an effective experiential marketing tool, raising public awareness and providing exposure to the newly released Note 4.

The Samsung Safe experience was showcased at both Westfield Bondi Junction in Sydney and Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne. A case study about the experience can be viewed on S1T2’s YouTube channel.

Samsung Safe gamification experience.
Samsung Safe digital marketing interface.

Seamless Brand Integration

Capitalising on a simple yet intuitive game mechanic, the experiential marketing game kicked into action as soon as the screen of the Note 4 was touched. Once initiated, an animated countdown timer, music and sound effects were used to increase the tension as players tried to crack the four-digit pattern. Each time the code was entered wrong, the screen flashed red before encouraging the player to try again until the clock runs out. Players skilled enough to break into the safe were then able to select a prize from a number of Samsung products including sound systems, mobile phones, refrigerators and more.

Building a custom Android app for the Samsung Note 4, we were able to create a unique application that could be run on the mobile device. The experience was then able to put the Samsung brand at its centre while demonstrating the technological capabilities of the Note 4 through innovative game mechanics. By seamlessly powering the experience through the mobile device we placed the spotlight on the Samsung Note 4 as a technological enabler of innovation.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Development

    • C#,
    • Mono Develop,
    • Unity 3D.
  • Hardware

    • Samsung Note 4.
Person interacts with Samsung Safe gamification experience.

Accessible to All Age Groups

With a user interface based upon the familiar stock Android screen unlock mechanic, the simplicity of the game’s interaction made it accessible across demographics and age groups. We also programmed an intelligent prize distribution mechanic into the application to dictate the rules and frequency of wins using a percentage-based probability model. In this way, the experiential marketing activation could be run over a set period of time, allowing for the equal distribution of winners over every seven-hour time period. This use of creative technology ensured a high probability of even and complete prize distribution across each activation day, regardless of foot traffic levels, providing Samsung with the confidence that the experience would result in ROI.