Samsung SlideLiner in front of crowd.

Samsung SlideLiner

Project Type

Experiential Marketing Captures a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Working with Samsung Australia and Traffik Marketing, creative technologists at S1T2 brought to life Samsung SlideLiner, a once in a lifetime experience for Australian Rugby fans. Designed to showcase the latest range of Samsung televisions and associate the Samsung brand with a unique story, the experiential marketing activation and associated social media campaign gave passionate Wallabies fans the chance to experience the game in a world first experience between the pitch and the grandstand.

The activation saw lucky winners ride the four person ‘couch’ as it flew up and down the sidelines following some of the Wallabies’ biggest games in real time. Outfitted with interactive technology, Samsung SlideLiner also featured cameras and streaming-enabled tablets placed strategically along its length, allowing each fan to capture and share their experience as it happened with friends and family through social media.

Samsung SlideLiner garnered $101,806,202 in earned media, drove $8.6m in sales and grew the brand’s UHDTV market share by 7.5%. It also received significant media attention, with features from, Mumbrella and Campaign Brief, as well as awarded two Bronze Lions from the Cannes Promo & Activation category and a Cannes Silver Lion for Best Branded Live Experience.

A short video of the experience can be seen on S1T2’s YouTube channel.

Samsung SlideLiner at Wallabies Game.
Close up of man experiencing Samsung SlideLiner.

Amplifying the Most Connected Seat in the Stadium

The Samsung SlideLiner was a four person ‘couch’ sitting on an 80m track beside the rugby pitch, moving along at a maximum speed of 20km per hour to follow the game in real time. In addition to these memorable seats, winners were able to interact with a range of interactive and creative technology to enhance their viewing experience.

GoPro cameras were setup at multiple vantage points around the couch, allowing winners to capture and share the momentous occasion with family and friends from a series of angles. Teradek VidiU streaming devices and tablets then gave each fan access to the statistics and camera feeds capturing the unforgettable digital marketing experience. The same stream was also available to Samsung’s marketing team in the green room in real time for them to share socially.

All photos taken throughout the experience were automatically uploaded to a server. This allowed users to share the captioned content on Facebook or Twitter directly through a custom-built Android application. All messages were also directed through a moderation application on the server to ensure nothing inappropriate was shared.

  • Development

    • Native Android,
    • Node.js.
  • Hardware

    • GoPro,
    • Samsung Tablets,
    • Teradek VidiU.
  • Integrations

    • Facebook API,
    • Twitter API.
  • Networking

    • Wowza Media Server.
Samsung SlideLiner at the Wallabies game.

Leveraging Sponsorship

Integrated into a larger campaign to drive awareness about Samsung products through sporting events, Samsung SlideLiner demonstrated how immersive digital marketing activations have the power to bring people together in a truly memorable experience. Existing at the forefront of unique customer experiences, the activation was the culmination of an innovative sponsorship campaign that drove both excitement during the game and brand awareness beyond it. The activation allowed rugby fans to experience the game live, closer to the field than ever before. 

As part of the ‘It’s On’ campaign, the activation demonstrated the kind of entertainment experiences made possible on Samsung’s new curved televisions. Leveraging the sponsorship of the Qantas Wallabies, the multi-million dollar activation allowed for a unique in-stadium experience for winners while creating fun and engaging TV and social media content that became a talking point for fans both at the game and watching from home.