Visa Wave and Win digital marketing.

Visa Wave and Win

Project Type

Simply Wave to Win

Visa and Traffik Marketing tasked S1T2 with promoting Visa’s payWave technology amongst sporting fans by creating an interactive game that could be played out across an entire stadium. The game was setup as a a halftime experience that pit one side of the stadium against the other by literally waving their hands to spur on-screen animated characters to run using motion capture cameras. The more fans waved, the faster their character would reach the finish line.

Visa Wave and Win was an Australian-first in stadium wide motion tracking and resulted in the Visa brand being activated across the country via a mechanism that directly resonated with the Visa payWave product.

Still from the Visa Wave and Win gamification experience.

Measuring Data Through Motion Capture

To measure the thousands of waving fans, multiple mobile webcams utilising motion capture algorithms were strategically set up throughout the stadium to account for each person’s movement. These were portable systems that were able to be setup in less than a couple minutes due to the rigorous demands of the event schedule. 

Using a networked processor, the data that was captured via the webcams which was then aggregated upon each play and translated into inputs that correlated to the speed of each on-screen character. This ultimately resulted in an interactive game being able to played by two sets of fans. The more one side of the stadium waved, the faster their on-screen character would run up the field and kick the winning goal.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite,
    • Autodesk 3DS Max,
    • Autodesk Maya.
  • Development

    • C++,
    • OpenFrameworks,
    • Processing,
    • Unity 3D.
  • Hardware

    • Blackmagic SDI,
    • Firefly MV.
  • Networking

    • OSC.
Woman wins prize at Visa Wave and Win digital marketing experience.
Crowd at Visa Wave and Win gamification experience.

Instant Win

The stadium-experience was played out at a number of stadiums in Australia including the Melbourne Cricket Ground where thousands of AFL fans competed against each other’s respective teams to have their team-inspired star player get to the finish line first.

Once the race was over an individual from the winning team was selected at random and given $3,000 in Visa payWave credit instantaneously. This translated to a brand experience that everyone could enjoy collectively, with one lucky winner each game receiving the jackpot prize.