Two ladies for McGrath Foundation Brand Video Production.

McGrath Foundation Brand Refresh

Project Type

Communicating a Brand’s Evolution

In order to launch their newly refreshed brand to the rest of Australia, McGrath Foundation, one of the nation’s most beloved charities, engaged digital agency S1T2 to create a video production that would capture the essence of their revitalised brand and introduce it to the world. By visually articulating the brand’s evolution, the one-minute digital marketing video helps to both explain and reinforce the legacy of the McGrath Foundation, along with their evolving journey to improve the lives of families experiencing breast cancer.

Approaching the brand relaunch as an opportunity to tell the story behind its evolution, S1T2 created a short animated video production that communicated the story behind the new look McGrath Foundation brand. The video follows the bold “life force” graphic (created by design agency Hulsbosch) through its journey, with the animation’s playful and resilient style coming to represent the optimism and hope that is so much a part of the McGrath Foundation’s philosophy.

Just as the brand refresh had aimed to capture the true essence of the McGrath Foundation brand, this digital marketing video needed to communicate the ‘why’ behind the new look, explaining it’s story in an engaging and memorable way. Capitalising on the defining idea that “life is to be lived”, the video production brings to life the logo as a character with human-like personality, ultimately leaving viewers feeling the warm embrace that the McGrath Foundation has always been known for.

The McGrath Foundation’s brand refresh video can be seen on S1T2’s YouTube channel.

Refreshed McGrath Foundation logo video production.
Still from McGrath Foundation brand refresh video by digital agency.

Animation that Embodies an Ethos

In order to represent the evolution embodied in McGrath Foundation’s new branding in a way that paid respect to their legacy and ongoing mission, S1T2 created a visual universe within which we could animate the brand’s unfolding story. The idea was to create an animation that explored what would happen if the still image of the new McGrath Foundation logo came to life. Within this universe, the various logo elements interacted with one another as the narrative progressed. By positioning the striking ‘life-force’ graphic as the protagonist of the universe, we were able to animate and humanise the values and reinforce the brand’s underlying essence.


  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite.
McGrath Foundation quote animation.

Hand-Drawn Animation

Telling the story in a world of free-spirited, hand-drawn animations, we were able to reflect the positivity and hope embodied by the McGrath Foundation. This simple aesthetic was crucial to the video production’s success, as was our ability to guide viewers organically through the digital marketing experience. Leveraging the animation style of ‘meaning in motion’, we used fluid, expressive movements to convey meaning without the aid of voiceovers or overly-explanatory text.

Using every transition as an opportunity to draw the viewer into and through the story, we introduced each new colour and graphical element gradually, not as part of a logo but as a character within an evolving world. This allowed us to crescendo towards a powerful logo reveal. In this declarative moment, viewers could feel, as well as see, the warm embrace that is so crucial to the McGrath Foundation’s brand and mission.