Still from the My Vodafone App video production.

My Vodafone App

Project Type

Launch of My Vodafone App

To launch the My Vodafone App, digital agency S1T2 created a short video production that demonstrated the functionality of the new application to customers. Combining live-action footage with animated educational overlays, the digital marketing video encouraged viewers to take advantage of the brand’s new smartphone app. Using spritely, hand-drawn animations, the piece explained the application’s various features in an informative yet engaging manner.

The use of widely recognisable icons to represent and explain the tasks performed through the app was crucial in producing a coherent and informative animation style that supported the video production’s digital marketing goals. Mapping these hand-drawn animations to the actor through motion tracking ensured a seamless viewing journey. The result was an educational video that playfully blended animation and live-action to bring the features of the My Vodafone App to life on the screen.

The My Vodafone story has been shared across Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Greece, and can be found on S1T2’s YouTube channel.

Still showing My Vodafone App on mobile during video production.
Woman in My Vodafone App digital agency video.

Accuracy from Motion Markers

In order to accurately depict the My Vodafone App’s functionality, S1T2 filmed live-action footage tracking the actor’s motions against a matte green screen on the sample smartphone device. Drawing on our experience as both a video production and digital agency, we then carefully directed the actor to make specific hand gestures at set times, all of which were captured through a locked-off camera shot. As a result, the video was able to recreate the entire user experience with a crystal clear image quality.

Combining this style of video production with additional 2D animated graphics created a colourful and expressive animation with the My Vodafone App clearly evident to audiences. Our use of a hand-drawn, brush-stroke style of animation helped keep the overlays and the video as a whole light, clean and modern. Then, the green screen motion tracking again aided in mapping these carefully created animations to both the talent’s hand movements and the video voice over. In this way, we were able to synchronise the expressive, hand-drawn animations with the distinctive My Vodafone user interface to create an engaging piece of digital marketing.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite.
Still showing map from the My Vodafone App video launch.

Combining Live-Action with Animation

The sixty-second video production focused on providing helpful information in an understandable and memorable way. To do so, instructional live-action footage was filmed in an approachable cafe environment. 2D illustrative animations were then superimposed over this footage to further explain not only how the mobile application functioned, but how it could make customer’s lives easier through its straightforward layout and navigation.

Some post production was also required to refine the footage and bring it up to current commercial standards. Small edits such as mapping the smoke of the coffee in the first scene creates a more vivid visual experience, while establishing a consistent overall grade resulted in a more coherent atmosphere throughout the entire piece. These touches brought the world to life, helping the video production to become a more compelling and engaging piece of digital marketing content.