Still from PlanDo digital agency video production.


Project Type

PlanDo Visualises Your Career

PlanDo, a newly launched mobile application designed to help people navigate their working life and career journey, asked digital agency S1T2 to develop an explanatory video production that would demonstrate their application’s unique ability to help employers and employees align their career goals to reach their full potential. The resulting digital marketing video needed to educate customers, introduce them to the PlanDo application, and capture potential leads.

The process of creating the animated video production began with a simple yet poignant question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This universally appreciated line of thought was then combined with an animation style that was representative of both the chaos and control experienced throughout a career. In this way, the digital marketing video was able to engage viewers emotionally through beautiful images while explaining the unique functionality of the PlanDo app.

The video’s unique animation style, developed especially for the project, allowed the video production to embody the way PlanDo helps consumers balance their work life throughout their career. Reappropriating the ancient Japanese art style of Suminagashi, the animated overlays created a feeling of unified chaos as a narrative voiceover outlines how PlanDo provides a way to plan for a great future today. The video’s final transition from animation to live action brings the digital marketing campaign to life, announcing the existence of the app while simultaneously showing its practical application in the real world.

Both the full PlanDo video and a behind the scenes look into what it took to bring the project to fruition can be seen on S1T2’s YouTube channel.

PlanDo mobile app interface.
Still from PlanDo video production animation.

An Animation Style Symbolic of a Career Journey

The animation style applied throughout the video production was based upon the traditional Japanese art form of  Suminagashi or ‘spilled ink’. We used this form of ink marbling as a universally beautiful aesthetic symbolic of a person’s career – similar to the way water carries the Suminagashi ink drops, a person’s career is forever moving and changing.

Japanese Suminagashi painters are masters of control. They created a method of paper marbling that resulted in completely unique artworks, and we replicated this concept across the video to engage viewers emotionally in the digital marketing message.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Hardware

    • Canon 5D,
    • Wacom Cintiq.
Still from PlanDo animated video production.

Suminagashi Technique

To refine this animation style, we first created our own Suminagashi paintings from testing the effect ink had on water. Dropping special marbling paints on the surface of an ammonia solution, we were able to use plastic straws and paintbrushes to create ripples that generated the marbling effect. These tests, shot over a lightbox in a Pyrex baking dish, eventually became both the style of illustration and the background visual effect used to bring the hand-drawn animations of the final video to life. A narrative voiceover then completed the video production, explaining the PlanDo mission before transitioning from animation to live action to show the application’s powerful, real-life purpose. This potent combination of Suminagashi, animation, voiceover and live action allowed the final digital marketing video to become a memorable piece that metaphorically captured the beautiful flutters and throbs of a career.