Inside the Nimble Way virtual reality experience.

The Nimble Way

Project Type

Virtual Reality Shows Business The Nimble Way

In preparation for the launch of their 2016 roadshow events, Nimble Storage enlisted virtual reality agency S1T2 to produce an experiential marketing experience that demonstrated Nimble’s Predictive Flash Platform. The resulting experience combines two types of virtual reality – 360° live action footage and real-time rendering – in a single experience on a Samsung Gear VR. The immersive virtual reality work gives audiences the chance to experience first-hand what Nimble Storage can do for their business.

Our goal was to create an experiential marketing tool that brought this platform to life. An innovative application of virtual reality, the experience highlights the important work of Nimble’s storage systems. In the experience, players choose which way they want their business to work: The Nimble Way, or The Other Way. Then based on the option they select, players are presented a scenario played out in 360° live-action, ultimately demonstrating the benefits of using Nimble’s technology. 

The campaign was an Australian-first for the amalgamation of 360° live-action and real-time rendered virtual reality in a single experience. Brought together on a Samsung S7 and Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset, the combined experience forms a powerful experiential marketing tool that has been showcased at Nimble Storage roadshow events around the world.

Screenshot of people in office for 360 VR experience.

Live-Action and Real-Time Rendering on Portable Devices

The Nimble Way VR was designed to bring this complex, fast-paced world to life. Built on Unreal Engine 4, the project translates Nimble’s storage system into an interactive virtual reality experience. Combining both 360° live-action video and graphical game interface, the experiential experience was optimised for the Samsung Gear VR. Throughout the development cycle, we ensured that every asset was optimised and implemented to maintain the highest frame rate possible. This fostered a high level of quality throughout both the live-action and real-time rendered facets of the experiential marketing project.

The game world housed within the virtual reality experience consisted of highly optimised 3D assets. These assets were also visually enhanced through mobile HDR and post-processing (including bloom). GLSL shaders then handled the transitions between the video and the game world. Asynchronously loading the game level in the background of the video also added a performance boost to the overall experience.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Development

    • Autodesk Maya,
    • Kolor,
    • Unreal Engine 4.
  • Hardware

    • Samsung Gear VR,
    • Samsung S7.
Screenshot from inside The Nimble Way virtual reality experience.
The Nimble Way virtual reality gamification UI.

The Nimble Way

Super quick computers and advanced mathematical formulas have largely taken over trading on the financial markets from human beings. Behind the technical bravado lies a complex system that utilises data technology to ensure information is available where you want it, when you want it. Often operating behind-the-scenes and unrecognised in its achievement, Nimble’s Predictive Flash Platform enables enterprises to maintain a competitive edge during time-critical situations – when the stakes are highest.

This scenario played out using the virtual reality experience. Audiences who selected ‘The Nimble Way’ discover an alternate experience made possible through real-time rendered virtual reality graphics. In it, players are asked to find the corrupt data in the game system and fix it. To do so, they’re invited to interact physically with the virtual world of the experiential marketing game. Using their head movements and eye tracking through the headset, players are able to destroy the virus through their own physical interaction.