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1300 Home Loan

Project Type

Responsive Website Design To Enhance Lead Generation

Looking to extend their online lead generation capabilities, 1300 Home Loan tasked digital agency S1T2 with designing and developing their new website. Given the focus on the technical deployment of search-engine-optimisation on a content-based website, the project involved balancing visual aesthetics with search engine requirements and a robust systems architecture to create an optimised, yet accessible website design and user experience.

This involved developing an SEO-friendly website architecture to facilitate a higher search engine results page (SERP) ranking. The web development and design further prioritised the creation of a responsive website that could be viewed across multiple browsers and devices (including mobile phones) without compromising the online user experience. Integrated within the website design was the use of SalesForce CRM to streamline the lead generation and customer retention process.

In order to create a user experience tailored towards generating new leads, the website design was built using a modified WordPress CMS platform that allowed for customised content creation across multiple avenues including broker, news and blog pages. This allowed the company’s content editors with no web development experience to completely customise URL structure, page titles, iconography, menu links and more – in line with SEO best practices. As a result, the website was able to facilitate the efficient production of content in a timely manner, in line with the overriding consensus that quality content is the way of the future.

1300 Home Loan responsive website design.
1300 Home Loan integrated web development project.

Lead Tracking through Optimised Web Development

Given this turn towards valuing quality content in search engine rankings, ensuring that the website was able to scale independently, without third-party involvement, was a key priority for 1300 Home Loan. By adopting a modified WordPress CMS platform, we were able to ensure the website’s long-term success through autonomous customisation and creation of high quality content independent of S1T2’s web development team. 

The server architecture was deployed using a multi-tier architecture that gave strict control over all connection interfaces. This separation of the data layer and application layer of the application resulted in enhanced security throughout the website.


  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite,
    • Sketch.
  • Development

    • Apache,
    • CoffeeScript,
    • CSS3,
    • Drupal,
    • HHVM,
    • HTML5,
    • jQuery,
    • MySQL,
    • PHP,
    • SASS,
    • Wordpress.
  • Integrations

    • Loankit API,
    • SalesForce API.
  • Networking

    • Google Analytics.
1300 Home Loan responsive website.

SEO and CRM Integration

While it was difficult to predict the exact usage patterns of the system prior to deployment, we found that a combination of an intuitive platform, developer-imposed restrictions, and client testing/training allowed us to develop a platform that allowed for substantial customisation without compromising the website’s SEO and security.

This integrated web development methodology allowed for statistical measurement of the highest converting pages, including which broker is generating the most leads, and from what suburb/area, to then allow for nuanced user experience amendments to increase conversion rates. Part of the data packet saved in SalesForce also includes user-submitted information, page source and customer journey. This information could then be used by the offline sales team, dictating their phone script to increase the chance of lead-to-sale conversion. For a large systems firm like 1300 Home Loan, this ability to make data-driven decisions was crucial in allowing the digital ecology to play a positive role in optimising their profitability. As a result, lead sources and conversion rates are completely tracked across the website and each other digital asset.