Man modelling in street for Brownmen and Co.


Project Type

A Website Design Tailored to Suit Every Man

Brownmen&Co was conceptualised and created on the unshakable belief that every man deserves his own suit – a suit that is crafted with care using premium woollen fabrics, and that is measured, made and fitted by hand. Their focus on handmade tailoring is a pleasant change in today’s modern, face-paced culture, and one that deserved a customised website to match. That was S1T2’s focus in creating the Brownmen&Co website design and user experience. The resulting website applies a strategically developed user experience and robust back-end web development to prove that a strong design ethos can move past traditionally physical requirements and into the virtual, bringing fifty years of bespoke heritage tailoring into the online world.

Aiming to share and adapt the lifelong craft of bespoke tailoring in the digital world, the website design was tailored to suit Brownmen&Co’s mission to help every man invest in a suit that’s made entirely and specifically for them. Instead of focusing on lowering costs and maximising profits through shortcuts in web development, the Brownmen&Co website puts the spotlight firmly on creating a great tailoring experience for today’s modern, time-poor, digitally-minded customer.

To accomplish this, a creative web development process was applied to automate the entire tailoring experience. From taking measurements to placing orders, giving styling instructions to finally delivering the suit to customers – every aspect of the process was optimised to fit into the modern man’s busy lifestyle. With streamlined branding in line with their corporate identity implemented throughout the website design, the Brownmen&Co website gave Australian men the flexibility to invest in a tailor-made suit from the comfort of their own home.

Brownmen & Co Model standing in front of Motorbike.
Screenshot of Brownmen and Co website development.

Customised User Journey

In order to capture the Brownmen&Co ethos of “tailoring to suit every man”, we paired an intuitive user experience with a classic, European-inspired interface. This combination allowed us to translate the unique experience of handmade tailoring into the digital world. Created through a web development process focused entirely on optimising the user experience, the perceptive website design anticipates and reacts to the user’s every need and desire to radically redefine what it is to buy a suit.

The standout feature of the website design, was an innovative custom suit design module that enabled users to create their own unique suits online in real-time. With over a thousand different styling options to choose from, the website offered men the entire custom tailoring experience, all from the comfort of their home or office. By first selecting a popular design style, users were able to customise that design entirely by changing the fabric, cut and colour to suit their own unique style. They were also able to select additional trimmings including hand-stitched embroidery and extra pockets once the basic design had been chosen.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Development

    • CSS3,
    • HTML5,
    • Magneto,
    • MySQL,
    • PHP.
  • Networking

    • Google Analytics.
Office iMac showcasing Brownmen and Co Website Development.

Implementing 3D Models

The suit design module also featured 3D models that were designed to precisely replicate the look and feel of material, allowing the website design to bring custom-designed suits to life before the user’s eyes. These 3D models were used to instantly reflect changes to a suit design, reacting in real-time as users browsed through a multitude of tailoring options from fabrics to pockets to lapels. This reactive 3D modelling experience gave the suit design process an unexpected tangibility usually missing from the online shopping experience.

Once a design was created, this suit blueprint was then applied throughout the entire checkout process, until finally behind-the-scenes, the customised design would be delivered to the tailors to hand-stitch each suit to perfection, before sending it back to the customer as a final product.