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NGS Super

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Intuitive Design Redefines NGS Super Digital Ecology

For digital agency S1T2, redesigning NGS Super’s digital platforms represented an exciting opportunity to radically redefine the way the superannuation industry communicates with its customers online. Aligned with NGS Super’s overall strategy to improve user engagement and increase retention rates, the project involved implementing a new website, restructuring the company’s Intranet, creating a member-only Personalised Portal, and developing a range of EDMs to better meet each user’s specific needs.

Focused on empowering the user to take back control over their interactions within the superannuation fund, the new website design prioritises intelligent search and quick links as the key to ensuring a smooth, satisfying navigation experience. Through an innovative application of material design – a style now implemented on all of NGS Super’s digital channels – these elements are now prominently located at every touchpoint of a user’s online journey, ensuring members are always able to find the information and content they’re looking for.

The creation of the Personalised Portal, an exclusive, members-only service, entailed a similarly user-oriented approach to web development. The combination of material website design and automated machine learning allows this platform to present individually curated content to each user, giving them access to the information most relevant to them. As the portal grows into the future, its content will expand to include services catering to specific user needs, including financial insights, live video-chat, and community forums.

Analytics data implemented throughout the year has revealed an increase in users in NGS Super’s digital ecology by 17.51%, growth in sessions by 12% and page view upturns of 6%, as well as incremental improvements in membership retention across the board.

Web development of NGS Super Knowledge Centre.

Improving user experience with innovative web development

Capitalising on natural visual cues and the idea of ‘meaning in motion’, the implementation of material design allowed us to create a more organic digital landscape, vastly improving user experience. Across each online platform, we used brightly coloured fluid tiles and the illusion of layering to create a clear visual hierarchy that added depth to the website design. Through innovative web development we also used subtle motion animations to produce a clear viewing path, locating information according to the laws of real-world physics. As a result, each digital platform responded organically to the user, guiding them effortlessly through any and all possible interactions.

Choosing to build the NGS Super digital platforms on WordPress allowed us to take advantage of an intuitive user interface and a lack of licensing fees. However, this choice also involved implementing a range of extra security measures throughout the web development process to account for the platform’s increased vulnerability due to its widespread popularity. Bringing together these technical features and an innovative website design, the resulting online platforms inspire an agile, user-oriented approach to member communication.

  • Design

    • Adobe Creative Suite,
    • Sketch.
  • Development

    • Apache,
    • CSS3,
    • HTML5,
    • MySQL,
    • PHP,
    • Selenium,
    • Vue.js,
    • Wordpress.
  • Hardware

    • AWS.
NGS Super responsive website design on mobile.
Wireframes for NGS Super web development project.

Adaptive Learning

Along with this intuitive approach to website design, we prioritised the creation of a system that ensures data is captured at every step of the user’s journey. Using a set of web development tools and applications including session recording, heat mapping, and split testing, data is collected across every interaction and engagement before being fed back into automated machine learning systems. The data collected is also used to acquire insights into how the website is performing, and what elements are of most use to members. This in turn helps stakeholders glean new insights about their member base and allows us to constantly improve the online user experience as the site evolves.